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Evan "You do a fair bit of sneaking in Thief, but it does nothing to detract from the rotted plot, shoddy design and cavalcade of bugs."

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GuruMeditation2182d ago

Seeing some of these review scores, I'm starting to wonder if I'm playing the same game. I mean, it ain't perfect by any stretch of the imagination; but what I've played so far has been immense fun, with a lot of charm to it. My friends and wife seem to be enjoying what they've played so far also...


Exactly! im playing this game and enjoying it alot.
This is another reason that show how pointless the reviews are, because it all goes down to what you like and the taste of games you enjoy.

starchild2182d ago

Exactly. We're all different and like different things.

I bet none of us really cares about what scores a certain movie gets. We simply watch the movies that look interesting to us. We like what we like and we don't care what opinions other people have about it.

Games should be the same way. As a gaming community I think we place entirely too much importance on scores and especially metacritic averages.

People look at the negative scores or the average and they say "this game sucks", but they don't seem to realize that they might just happen to agree with the many higher scores the game received, or they might, indeed, like it more than any of the reviewers.

3-4-52182d ago

3/10 should be reserved for games that are broke and don't work at all.

GuruMeditation2182d ago

Agreed. It does seem a bit strange. I rarely 100% agree with reviews, but some of the reviews for this game just feel completely off. Odd.

Tommy_Fumbles2180d ago

It is pretty buggy, from what I played. The AI is atrocious.

Activemessiah2182d ago

I really had high hopes for this game purely because it's from Eidos Montreal... It just wasn't the game I thought it was gonna be... maybe I may have overestimated it.

wtopez2182d ago

A 3 out of 10? This is guy is seriously hard to impress.

Yui_Suzumiya2182d ago

Bugs or not, no way is this a 3/10 .. he getting this confused with that Rambo game or something?!

Scrivlar2182d ago

Every next gen so far has been a real disappointment. Well Ryse and Dead Rising were great but a little short.

Scrivlar2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Haven't bought it yet but I was planning on it, maybe not now..Oh and Knack was kind of..Good, but not great.

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