Why the Xbox One justs needs one 'system seller' to compete with the PS4

If we look at the history of Playstation it shows us that none of its exclusives sell a system. Last generation the highest selling exclusive was Gran Turismo selling 10 million copies, whilst the next best was God of War with a mere 5 million. On the PS2 the result was similar with Gran Turismo being way ahead of any other console exclusive and I wouldn’t consider it a ‘system seller’. Gran Turismo 3 sold 15 million but if you consider the PS2 sold over 150 million consoles it proves the Playstation has never had any killer exclusives, I expect this tradition to continue.

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Illionaire2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

No, it needs alot more than that. Like being $350. Even still, the PS3 was more expensive than the 360 and still outsold it. PS3 doesn't have a third of the advantages over the 360 that the PS4 has compared to the Xbox One.

The Xbox One is competing worldwide with the PS3, not the PS4. One game is not going to change that. Especially Titanfall, which is available on 3 platforms. And since resolution apparently doesn't matter to Xbox owners they should have zero problem playing Titanfall on the 360, since all 3 versions use dedicated servers aka "the cloud".

mhunterjr2188d ago

So are you disagreeing with me or reinforcing my argument? In terms of sales, Sony doesn't have many massive sellers. The reasons behind it don't change the facts.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing on Sony's part. It's actually more of a good thing. Instead of relying on individual games to sell the system, the produce multiple great games. As a result, those games individually see fewer sales compared to key xbox games.

xHeavYx2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

If your console of choice has, let's say, 10 exclusives, they won't sell as good as if it had only 3 exclusives. History tells us that Sony has come up with a bigger amount of good quality exclusives, so you probably get my point.
But hey, Titanfall is around the corner, we will see if your point is valid a few months after the game's launch.

For now I agree with Illionaire. According to VGCharts (who, depending who you ask, are very accurate or not accurate at all) Sony sold almost 450k units compared to almost 57k units, so only one "system seller" game won't do much in my opinion

TomShoe2188d ago

This is a very uninformed article.

Let's take a look at this opinion from a current-gen, demographics point of view. Take the PS3 and the 360, and look at the demographics spread between LTD consoles sold.

Xbox 360:
NA: 46M
EU: 25M
JP: 1.5M
ROW (Rest of World): 7.9M

Playstation 3:
NA: 28M
EU: 33M
JP: 10M
ROW: 11M

When you think of the average Xbox gamer, what single genre do you think they enjoy most? That's right, shooters. This is because Xbox sales are primarily focused in the US and parts of EU that are similar.

Now think of what the average Playstation gamer and what they're fans of. Much harder, right? Because Playstation's sales demographic is much more widely spread out. Sony has to have multiple different system sellers because JP PS gamers have very different tastes compared to NA gamers. The Playstation brand has always been the strongest console brand since launch. Appealing to all type of gamers. Without the need of any mascot. So they must be doing something right.

LeCreuset2188d ago

"Halo 2 sold 8 million copies despite having a 25 million userbase."

You said, while trying to argue that all Xbox needs is one system seller to compete with the PS4. All you demonstrated was a high attach rate, not the ability to move consoles.

admiralvic2188d ago

This isn't like buying a Wonka bar and all you need is the golden ticket to tour the factory and possibly win it.

A lot of other concepts come into play, which is evident with both the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Wii U. The Wii U has several solid exclusives*, though the system still isn't selling because people don't think it is worth the money.

The opposite is true for the Xbox One, since people are asking themselves if it is worth the extra money. In either case, simply throwing out Halo 5, much like Super Mario 3D World, isn't going to level the "battlefield" and make the system an instant success.

Now, dropping the Kinect, lowering the price, some proof to the cloud power, and a system seller would probably vastly change things, but history has shown us that games (at least not a single one no matter how awesome) are not an end all beat all factor in sales.

* System seller is a relative term, though many would probably consider Mario or at least a 3D Mario a system seller.

mewhy322188d ago

the xbone really needs a massive price drop to around 299.99 (price to power ratio) and ditch the kinect as a pack in. Give people the option to purchase the kinect if they want it. otherwise give them a correctly priced kinectless xbone for 299.99 and this thing will start flying off the shelves instead of collecting dust on them.

kazumakiriyu2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Um uncharted games sold more than god of war. How the hell did you miss that. Also no one game can make a console a success. Multiple ips is a necessity.

VENOMACR12272188d ago

Bottom line, one game isn't going to improve the X1 hardware and specs. Titanfall is supposed to be an X1 system seller. It's going to move some systems but not millions upon millions. 1 game isn't going to catch X1 up to PS4 system sales. Once the 1 game wears off, what's left? X1 needs to continue to have big games so you can say, buy an X1 so you can play "X, Y, and Z games." Right now, it's "buy an X1 for titanfall..which you can buy on pc and 360." Games sell systems, not a game.

mhunterjr2188d ago


That's exactly what I'm saying...

Chevalier2187d ago

Where were these so called system sellers the last 3 years for 360? PS4 is outselling Xbox One with none of these system sellers and you think One game can change the tide? Wow your delusional. What happens when Sony start releasing their AAA titles?

mhunterjr2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )


It's almost like you aren't reading my comment... why do people think I'm bashing Sony's strategy? All I'm doing is highlighting the difference between to the two strategies.

Sony doesn't rely on sales of individual games to sell consoles. They spread the attention across multiple triple a games.

Microsoft puts a ton of backing behind one game at a time, in hopes that that game will move units...

I get these disagrees and hostile comment from folks who go on to say EXACTLY what I said.

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darthv722188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I dont disagree that the XB1 needs more than just a system seller title. but you have to understand that right now there are probably more people trying to buy the PS4 not to game on in particular, but to resell for profit. It has essentially become the tickle me elmo of consoles (or cabbage patch kids if you wish).

I say that because the game attach rate does not seem to mesh with the system sell through rate. PS4 is something like a game attach rate of 2.13 and the XB1 is 2.62. People buying xb1's are buying them to play (majority) and we can determine that via the game sales that coincide with the system sales.

Im not saying that is 100% exact but there is a higher probability of ps4's being on the 2nd hand market than in peoples homes. At least throughout the US. Not sure about JP as they dont seem like they would have as high a reseller market like the US does.

What Ms needs to do is just focus on getting the games developed that will appeal to a broad, diverse audience. The system that has the most diverse library available to its user base generally sells to the most consumers. This has been tradition for the NES, PS1 and PS2 for example.

Ms is trying to market the system to people who will buy. Sony doesnt care who buys their system, they are just happy to see it really sell in comparison to how the PS3 launched. In case you forgot, the PS3 didnt start off the way sony expected. That's why within the first year it had its price cut...twice to spur sales. And it worked and continued to work.

mmc-0072188d ago

the PS4 comes with alot of free games don't you think that could be a reason behind a lower game attach rate?

Tex1172188d ago

There really isn't a tickle me elmo thing going on with the PS4, the "turners" aren't making the huge profits like in the Ps2 days. Even if you look at just the U.S. 5 million more consoles sold (or whatever it is) are not ONLY people trying to turn a profit on a resale. It is most likely a FRACTION of that. Its ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

I will agree that a diverse library is what sells systems and creates a "winner."

I would even look to this past generation. Xbox 360 had a ton of games and a year head start which put it out to an early lead. Over the course of the generation, ps3 worked at it, and has now sold more.

What a lot of us are seeing right now is that Sony seems to not be letting off the gas with also planning to put out games for the system. They market the fact they have embraced indie development, have a solid network with PSN Plus including freebies.

Also, is seems Xbox One really went for the "all in one" entertainment machine which doesn't instill confidence that Microsoft has their eye on games as much as Sony.

There is no question that Sony has the momentum right now. Will it last? Don't know. But signs point to it not turning anytime soon.

madduey2188d ago

Pretty much disagree with everything you just said!

And I really don't have any where near enough bubbles to sit here and argue my view, so here it is in a nut shell..... You couldn't be any further from the truth than if you posted the same thing in the wrong thread!

PS4 is not seeing the best launch in PlayStation history because people are re selling them to turn a profit! Sure there's a small handful of people that will try cash in and make a small profit but were talking a few thousand not a few million.

PS4 attach rate in my opinion is directly effected not only by digital downloads only sales, free2play but by PSPlus and it's instant game collection. You can literally buy a PS4 without a physical copy of a game boot up your console sign in to PSPlus and treat yourself to 6 games that are available to play day 1 most people would never buy a console and 6 launch games along with it, so people have a lot more options on PS4 it's simple.

MS need to stop this I'm a cable box/tv/console/advertising billboard/kinect shoehorn/make believe cloud power anti gaming console, and just make some god damn good games and sell the damn Xbone at a more reasonable price for the somewhat un impressive tech that it's sporting.

No shit now, once the Xbone drops the kinect or really shows me an interesting way to use it, brings out a slim line Xbone (that thing is huge) and puts out an exclusive set of killer games and prices the tech correctly I will probably buy one myself.

As I can't see any of this happening in the next six months (hoping E3 surprises me) I will stick to my PS4 my PS3 my PSVita my Wii (still not sold on wiiU yet, waiting for ZELDA) and my PC that should pretty much cover me till Microsoft show me it has earned a place amongst my gaming needs

LeCreuset2188d ago


Come on, son. So why aren't these same re-sellers buying up Xbox?

medman2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Somebody get darthv72 an ambien, the ps4's runaway success and utter smashing of dat bone has left him woozy and delirious. Face facts joker. The ps4 is in demand, dat xbone is in da gutter where it belongs, with store shelves full of unwanted bones.

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3-4-52187d ago

The only console to survive off of ONE game was the N64.

But even then right away we had Pilot Wings 64 & Mario 64 followed by Wave Race like 1-2 weeks later.

Those games carried that system until Feb/March when Mario Kart released.

But guess what? Mario 64 + Pilot Wings + Wave Race + Mario Kart lasted all of us who played them a long long time. Those games were "enough" for then.

XB1 or any console/handheld, needs at least 4-5 really appealing games per year.

They need 2-3 of those to be system sellers.

Titanfall kind of is....but not as much as people want to think it is.

yanikins1112188d ago

"the Playstation has never had any killer exclusives"

Yeah - Not clicking this link...

mhunterjr2188d ago

I think he's talking in terms of sales. Playstation doesn't really have any exclusive games with massive sales other than GT. Perhaps because folks have many great games to choose from and they don't get them all.

Illionaire2188d ago

Microsoft produces 1 game for 30 million and spends 250 million advertising it. Sells 12 million.

Sony produces 6 game for 240 million, spends 40 million advertising them. They all sell 2-4 million.

Get it.

Ninver2188d ago

When you're deprived of exclusives you tend to latch onto anything you're given which looks remotely good. That's how 360 fans felt last gen.

mhunterjr2188d ago

At the moment, Microsoft is relying on specific games to pushes the console. That strategy is sound for as long as the ps4 is supply constrained. But when Sony reaches a point in production where supply meets demand, MS will have to improve the consoles value proposition.

Perhaps it won't immediately come in the form of a direct price cut. Software and service bundles will help some, but at some point it will need a cold hard price cut, or subsidized pricing scheme.

jay22188d ago

It won't every be able to compete on a hardware level maybe sale levle

TrueJerseyDevil2188d ago

Gears and Halo enough said. Sony has nothing to compete with those two

press-start2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

The last gears of war failed it only sold 1.9 million compared to gears of wars 3 6-million a lot of people are done with gears including my self that's why the jump to PS4 was a easy move tired of Microsoft same old exclusives and the new ones they have coming don't spark my interest one bit,and of course multiplatform games run much better on PS4 which is what games i play 80% of the time.

TrueJerseyDevil2188d ago

I hear you and agree to a point. I made the PS4 jump because of the DRM fiasco, I am regretting my decision because my loved franchises are on Xbox and the other games I play are multiplats (CoD, Battlefield, RPGs, etc..). I am a big multiplayer guy so Xbox appeals more to me, not saying PSN isn't good but Microsoft always brings the best experience. I am a die hard Gears of War fan always have been since the first one. I agree it didn't sell well after 2 but 3 was great and judgement was a failure. I have faith in Black Tusk. Halo has me hyped as well. Performance doesn't matter so much for me because I go where my friends are and my friends like myself bought PS4's to try something new, we all aren't very fond of it and they bought Xbox One's and I am working on getting one

Nero13142188d ago

We'll they got new games now .

guyman2188d ago

The ps3 had at least 5 exclsuives that were far better than those 2 fangirl

cellur1112188d ago

Halo is just another boring FPS and gears is just another boring Third person shooter.

Nero13142188d ago

Get the f* ck outta here . Just like infamous is a boring third person game

MysticStrummer2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

@Nero - Your response = GTFO with your opinion, now listen to mine because it matters.

Personally I'd rather play Infamous than Halo or Gears, but not by a very wide margin. I finally bought Infamous 2 the other day because I was planning on buying a PS4 before Second Son releases and wanted to go through I2's story first, but I'm so bored with it my sense of urgency to get a PS4 soon has dwindled. I still want one before too long but I don't feel the need to have it before SS anymore.

Overall though, give me PS's exclusives over XB's and it's not even close.

PsylentKiller2188d ago

I have both systems and play mostly multiplayer games as well. I've been spending most of my gaming time on my Xbox One but the Live service for the One is not as great as it is for the 360. It's not even close. The new updates are helping but as of right now, PSN is on par with Live.

Inception2187d ago

So, you just play two games Gears and Halo, for what, 7-8 years? While PS users playing Uncharted, inFamous, TloU, Yakuza, God of War, Persona, Tales, etc? Holy hell O_O

Oh well, different taste for different people. But good luck for you with the next Gears and Halo for maybe another 6-7 years until the next Xbox :)

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