Rayman Legends Review – Is This the Best Platformer Ever? | Twinfinite

Alex from Twinfinite writes:

"Every once in a while, you get the feeling that platformers are not as fun as they used to be. And then every other once in a while, a really fantastic game comes around and turns that idea on its head. Today, that game is Rayman Legends."

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DeathOfTheFanBoy2189d ago

I'm enjoying it but it's got nothing on Max the curs of brotherhood, that game blew me away, Not had that much platforming fun since the good ol' SNES days

eaise2189d ago

This game is good, heck I'll even say it is awesome. But nowhere close to best platformer ever. It isn't even the best platformer of it's generation. Mario 3D World is better DKC:TF is better. Rayman Legends is a fun game. But far from being the best platformer.

princejb1342189d ago

I want this game but I'm a bit scared of been disappointed
But the reviews all seem positive so I might give it a go

eaise2189d ago

If you like platformers you won't be disappointed it is a good game. Not too difficult but it is fun and has a variety in the types of levels. I suggest you get it and enjoy a great game!

weekev152189d ago

If you have a WiiU and a friend, the local coop is probably the best demonstration of how WiiU games should be done.

x2geex2189d ago

Has this person Played Super Mario 3D world or Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. DK is one of the greatest 2D games ever made!

BoneBone2189d ago

Just echo what the others have said. It's a PS4 reviewer. Should have played 3D World and certainly DK: Tropical Freeze before coming to such a conclusion.

I mean, unless you've been living in a vortex, it would have been pretty hard to miss the acclaim each game has received from the media and gaming community!

Metallox2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

"Should have played 3D World and certainly DK: Tropical Freeze". Only those ones? What about Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 3, SUPER MARIO 64, the first Rayman games, the original Donkey Kong Country games, Banjo Kazooie, Little Big Planet... what about the greatest platformer of all time, SUPER MARIO GALAXY? What about everything?

Rute2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Great games there buddy. I would add Kirby's Epic Yarn, Mega Man X and Demon's Crest, although those might not be considered best platformers of all time by the majority of gamers. I would really like to play Rayman Legends too at some point too and having no experience of it, I can't contribute to the discussion on how it fairs as a representative of the genre.

deafdani2189d ago

I think BoneBone is talking strictly about recent games.

And in my opinion, Mario 3D World is better than the first Galaxy, but not the second. Basically, it's a bit less awesome than Galaxy 2. :P

And Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is so absurdly fantastic, it's on a whole another level as far as "2D" platformers go. I haven't played Legends yet, but Rayman Origins (for example) doesn't anywhere close to Tropical Freeze.

francknara62189d ago

I'm French and here Rayman is loved because it's French... But hey, there are tons of better platformers, whether it's oldies or new games like Tropical Freeze, so yeah huge hyperbole about Legends.

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