Project Spark Beta Hands-On Impressions | Elite Monster

Elite Monster gets into the Project Spark beta and details its adventure with the upcoming game development title for PC and Xbox One.

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christocolus2191d ago

Nice... definitly getting this.

LexHazard792191d ago

Yeah it seems like a cool game. Also the cons he mentioned are all things that can be implemented later in an update.

4Sh0w2191d ago

Titanfall is going to be a blast but this is the one game I think I can sit down with my daughter and son for long hours on the weekend and enjoy together.

ABizzel12191d ago

I believe it's free to download. It's one of the games I'm looking forward to seeing more from on XBO.

BallsEye2191d ago

It's free so I guess everyone will. Can't wait! Got my code :D.


Cool game? It's a game creator! You can make your own game from ground up with even custom voice over and motion capture (kinect powered full body motion tracking!)

3-4-52190d ago

love that this is coming to PC. I don't have to spend $500 to create games then. I just want to create things and $60 is a little easier on the wallet.

This IS a great IP for XB1 though.

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