This Could Be The Logo For The Next Batman Game

Hardcore Gamer: An image of what could possibly be the next Batman Arkham game's logo surfaced earlier today, and it's looking pretty hot. Get it? Because of the flames.

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Double_Oh_Snap2181d ago


ZombieKiller2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Oh WOW! That deserves a double "Oh Snap"
Seriously, I forgot about that.

Azrael says that in his missions. Hmmmm......

I hope it's the sequel to AC

Arkham Origins wasn't shit but it was disappointing. I liked Batmans voice actor and the story was good. Plus I LOVE the Origins suit and how they turned Batmans character into a monster. He's actually kind of scary (which IMO he's supposed to be terrorizing criminals...)

I hope to see some sort of co-op in the game with all the characters. Imagine playing with a buddy as Batman and Robin. Even in the free roam, that would be fun. I hope to see an open world where dynamic crimes take place (muggings, robberies, bank heists, etc) and not just "beat these guys up and you're done" either. Make it to where you have to RESCUE people, take them to the hospital, run into burning buildings, drop a mugger off at the police station, etc etc.

...and one thing that has been bothering me since the beginning of the series.....STOP WITH ALL THE DOORS. Batman doesn't use doors. How can you get into that heavily armed fortress? Oh they left the door open....with 2 lightly armed guards to patrol. LOL!

I feel like there should be multiple ways to get into a room like Batman does so well and I want them to portray that in the games. Although minor, that was my only real gripe about the Rocksteady series! Gimme more Bat!

LogicLee2181d ago

Burn, baby burn. I really hope this means a new game is coming from Rocksteady. Origins left a bit of a sour taste.

LightofDarkness2181d ago

It is, as far as I know it's called Arkham Night and it's open world. So you get the Batmobile and such as well.

ZombieKiller2181d ago

It might be called Arkham Universe, Arkham Ashes, Arkham Knight and a few others. They were taking these names from the domains that WB reserved for the game. Either way, I can't wait. The Arkham series is one of my favorites of all time.

Dark112181d ago

A batman game from Rocksteady? HELL YEAH!

Origins was shit.

smashman982181d ago

Cmon origins had some good stuff even if it wasn't as great as the other 2 it wasn't bad

HeavenlySnipes2181d ago

Very bland and repetitive

It definitely wasn't "shit" but compared to the first two, it was bad.

Especially on PC where it was awful with bugs all over the place.

SteamPowered2181d ago

I am more than ready to don the cowl again. Especially in an Open World environment.
These are the golden days of gaming, right here.

DigitalHope2181d ago

Yes, yes, and more yes! I wouldn't say origins was complete shit but definitely a low point.

This however will give me a nice hard bat-boner. Lets see it Rocksteady

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The story is too old to be commented.