Oculus Rift Settings Found in Thief Files

VRFocus - A Reddit user has uncovered a set of files inside the PC version of the recently-released Thief that suggests support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (headset) was once being worked on for the stealth experience. User Ananas4 found a file named Oculus Rift settings while browsing through the videogame's folders. Inside is a list of stats, each labelled "VR" at the start. Could the title be due an Oculus update?

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CharlesSwann2184d ago

Rift makes you sick if the player moves to much. Rift games will def favor gameplay where the player does't move much.

starchild2184d ago

Most of the sickness in some individuals is caused by the lack of positional tracking. You lean forward and your brain expects for your perspective to change, but it doesn't.

However, with the Crystal Cove and eventual consumer model of the Rift, positional tracking (and things like low persistence) will vastly reduce the amount of sickness some people experience.

I've got to say, Thief would be amazing in the Rift. The game already has a terrific sense of immersion in the first person perspective. You see your legs and hands react to your movement and the environment, and you also see your shadow accurately being cast on objects out in front of you. It's great. I would love to play Thief in the Rift.

calactyte2184d ago

I guess you've only ever used the dev kit version where I could agree the blurring might get some people sick. The newest version which I've been fortunate enough to try out is incredible. They have reduced the blurring to the point where it is nearly non existent.

starchild2184d ago

Lucky you. :) I've only used the dev kit 1 version. I've heard great things, though, about Crystal Cove, as well as the Valve prototype.

Anonagrog2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

'Thief' runs on Unreal Engine 3, albeit a modified version, so Eidos will no doubt receive support as a licensee from Epic. With that said, note that 'Rift' support was added to UE3 by Epic around a year ago, so having 'Oculus'-related data present within the config files may be explainable without it having been a push by Eidos towards a VR version of the game.

Depending on how much divergence there was between the code-base of Eidos' modified engine to that of UE3 would probably be a good indicator of how much effort was undertaken to add in the updated Oculus support when it came last year. Only the devs would know that.