Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 was "Hell" to Develop, Says Source

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has received almost universally mediocre scores. As it turns out, a troubled development might be to blame.

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Myst-Vearn2190d ago

The puzzles/stealth part were garbage. The city setting was something I did not like either. Belmont should have been used more. Mediocre game indeed and I blame Konami. I am afraid we will not get another Castlevania game for a while.

Yui_Suzumiya2190d ago

It's really that bad? Or just not as good as the first?

cleft52190d ago

It's bad and worse yet, it could have been good if they just made some better gameplay and storytelling design choices.

2190d ago
shadowraiserx2190d ago

Very Bad wait until gets $20 or Rent it,ask a friend,dont get hopes for a cool ending.enemies terrible in design.Satan look like the vocalist of dethklok.

starchild2190d ago

No, it's not bad at all. I really don't understand the reviewers that gave this game poor scores. The game is awesome.

Remember that the game has also received lots of high scores, so don't take the lows scores as the gospel truth. The user reviews at metacritic and amazon are overwhelmingly positive. MOST gamers seem to really like the game.

brich2332190d ago

Its bad in my opinion, I beat it the other day. i remember the first one being really good. This new one is boring, all over the place with it storys, the enemies are all dull and you can sprint through the game because how stupid they are.

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cleft52190d ago

I agree. The stealth parts where just horrible and some of the parts had no clear indication of where to go or that you needed to go somewhere. Still, there is something to this game that is really good, but I don't disagree with the bad reviews. This game is not good, but it has some really good stuff in it. Beyond that, the game doesn't even attempt to explain the controls in full, you have to guess at the things you can do in a lot of the cases. I was stumbling across essential control options late in the game. Control options that should have been taught to me in the first 5 minutes of the game.

Even so, like I said before there is something really good in this game. That something has nothing to do with all of the garbage platforming in the game though. To be clear, Mercury Steam sucks at making platforming parts, yet the game is fill with the crap like they are good at it. Konami didn't have enough involvement in this game for me to blame them. I blame Mercury Steam, this game is a full reminder that this is the team behind Jericho. It's a shame because you can see that there are a lot of good elements to the game, it's just buried under a lot of trash.

Yui_Suzumiya2190d ago

I don't understand why they'd put stealth in a 100% action game to begin with. Hack and Slash and Stealth are kinda polar opposites. Not even wiggle room for mixing genres

shadowraiserx2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

They should stop with the first one,as a company WTH happen to Konami,if a developer come to my office and show me that he just gonna make castlevania turn into a kratosvania I send them back to the drawing board or I fired them simple as that.If I were Konami I make a new Engine that can help castlevania continue evolving from its own roots,Strider is back maybe they should rethink going back to its roots.

goku2190d ago

I reckon if kojima was helping out like he did with the first it would have been a better game then the first as it seems like kojima played an important role.

Team_Litt2190d ago

Actually, it is said that he played a rather small role in the first one.
Either way, I'm gutted, this was my most anticipated game on 360/ps3. this year. Now all my hope for the gen lies in Project Spark and TitanFall since I'll only join the new generation when the One launches here later in Autumn.

starchild2190d ago

You should play it yourself. I love it so far (about 11 hours in) and it only seems to be getting better.

The game has received mixed reviews, but remember, there are lots of reviewers who gave it high scores too. Who's to say you won't agree with the high scores. Why do people always gravitate to the low scores and act like those scores define the game?

jeenyus2190d ago

So they decided to make it hell to play. :D

SolidAhmed2190d ago

it is really sad to see Castlevania struggles "again" since it became a 3D adventure as it seems that it lost it is true identity.

what i recommend to Konami is to bring back the lost heart and soul of Castlevania which was exploration, RPG elements, puzzles, interactive NPCs etc.

Those were the best elements of Castlevania, i hope that they can bring them back.

Lionalliance2190d ago

Hate it when this kinda stuff happens to a game I'm looking forward too. Why the director had to be such a dick?

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