Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review | 411mania

The game is honestly worth a look for the battle system alone. It may be hard, but it’s still enjoyable to experience once you get a feel for it. Lightning’s adventure may be over, but hopefully the combat system makes a return in the future.

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worldwidegaming2183d ago

It's not hard it's just not enjoyable for full price.(Opinion by the way)
Wait it out. I see price drops in fall.

maniacmayhem2183d ago

I really tried to give this game a chance. And this is someone who finished 13 and 13-2. But I just couldn't, it just was not fun and then when I read that I might have to play it over again just to get the REAL ending. Bye bye baby, back to Gamefly.

Games like this one are exactly the reason why Gamefly is a must.

goldwyncq2183d ago

Not true. The game has only one ending.

maniacmayhem2183d ago

Whaaaaa?! I read that you would only get the real ending if you saved every soul!

rextraordinaire2182d ago

No, the game has only one ending.

goldwyncq2183d ago

It's just a 2 minute epilogue that adds nothing to the plot whatsoever. And the requirement to obtain it is doing at least 40 side quests, not saving every souls.

Hozi892183d ago

I think square should release these games on PC.