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Make no mistake: the cartoony nature of the game may make it seem like a game for children, but this is one of the most difficult platformers out there. Retro has done an excellent job of bringing this series forward.

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x2geex2191d ago

hardest game I have played in years, but awesome at the same time!

Sly-Lupin2191d ago

People always point to Dark Souls or Demon Souls, or Rogue-likes like Rogue Legacy, but I'm right there with you: I've had more difficulty with Donkey Kong Country Returns than any other game in years.

Granted, a lot of that difficulty is infuriating--designers have way too much of a fetish for timed levels and bottomless pits--but still.

eaise2191d ago

Every review I read makes me want this game more. Why can't my wallet have money in it! Gaming is so expensive. Just for knowledge, exactly how hard is this game? Donkey Kong Country Returns hard? Or closer to the original Donkey Kong Country?

Concertoine2191d ago

The level design is just as cruel as returns, with even more setpieces and such. The difficulty overrall though, is a bit easier. The rocket barrel and minecarts now take 2 hits for example. Collectibles are just as devilishly hidden. Boss battles are harder though. There seems to be more extra lifes and banana coins given out as well.
Overrall its hard but not NES hard like returns where you have to like grind lives to take on some of the rocket barrel levels and world 8.

eaise2191d ago

I found Returns to be very easy. I only died on the rocket barrel levels and then a couples times on the last world because of mistakes I made. Glad to hear bosses are harder though because they were way too easy. I was hoping the overall difficulty was higher on DKC:TF so that is a little disappointing to hear.

Concertoine2191d ago

Part of what made Returns hard for me was i played it co-op, which is a ton of fun but 2 kongs on screen can be a bit disorienting and you lose lives twice as fast.

eaise2191d ago

True. I always played with my little brother, so while I barely died he wasted basically all the lives we had. But its so much more fun playing coop