There Came an Echo unveiled for Xbox One - Kinect strategy starring Wil Wheaton

Feel like you're not getting enough use out of your Kinect? Always dreamed of telling Wesley Crusher off Star Trek: The Next Generation to go laser somebody's elbows off? You might be interested in There Came an Echo, a voice-controlled real-time squad tactics game that's pencilled in for Xbox One this year.

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christocolus2184d ago

Seems like a really nice concept. Using kinect to control and interact with the characters and having them reply you too. its similar to what i would expect from a game like black and white on the xbox one.

hulk_bash19872183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

I hope that Kinect 2.0 delivers the types of gaming experiences that were promised last generation. This, D4 and Project Stark look like excellent starts.

christocolus2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

I hope so too. D4 looks really good and everyone who has actually previewed that game says its alot better when you play it with kinect. Kinect sports rivals,d4 and project spark could be the first titles to make very good use of kinect. I also believe ms is currently working on a true kinect killer app.a game which will utilize every feature of kinect 2.0.

Godmars2902182d ago

Except you're talking about voice commands. Something does reasonably well, as does a headset.

The real question towards Kinect's worth is motion control, which this game doesn't use. At all.

mhunterjr2184d ago

Pretty neat concept. I think Tom clancy's end war worked well with voice commands. This seems very similar.

Dewitt2183d ago

This looks excellent, will definitely keep my eye on this.

headblackman2183d ago

i wanna see how this unfolds before i get excited about it.