Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Castlevania

VRFocus - That first corridor is always the same. It snakes out in front of you, occasionally illuminated by the dim flames of wall-mounted torches and stabs of lightning, intruding from the gigantic windows that line the hallway. Huge curtains sway violently from the sudden gusts of wind as you peer down the path, knowing you’re being watched. It’s not from the archaic paintings that depict grim figures, but from the foul, crumbling ghouls that are waiting to ambush you. You grasp the Vampire Killer tightly in your hand, knowing that this is just the first room of many, the first trial in an endless sea of monsters and demons, drawn out by Dracula’s labyrinthine castle. Before the end you will have navigated deadly traps, climbed impossible heights, come face-to-face Death itself.

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