Xbox One March Update Includes 50 Hz TV Judder Fix, Controller Firmware Update

The Xbox One March Update is available for preview and there are two very interesting elements within its content.

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Tedakin2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I already got the update. It seems to fix 2 major bugs, including the black flickery screen of death and another that caused games to quit back out to the dash when loading them sometimes. Also the friends list stuff is massively improved. The dashboard also seems to move more smoothly, but that may be just me.

christocolus2181d ago

You are right and it aint just you. The dashboard moves smoothly now.alot of others are reporting the same experience. Im glad ms fixed the friends list. I hear its really good now.

mcstorm2181d ago

I agree seems better for me too I got it last night and had a little play with it. How do we upgrade the controller firmware do we plug it into the xbox one or is this done by the xbox one over its own wifi to the controller?

tiremfej2181d ago

Plug it in via the USB port on the side. It's under settings, I believe console settings...

mcstorm2181d ago

Cool thank you for that info ill give it a go tonight.

mcstorm2181d ago

Wikkid666 thank you for that info ill give it a go tonight. Anyone done this yet and has it made a difference?

Wikkid6662180d ago


With the xb_rel_1403.140225-2200 update just plug the controller in then go to settings then system. Update controller is right there.

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Volkama2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

It's also already got Twitch integration, and supports Dolby Digital for those folks with expensive Astro/Turtle Beach headsets.

All in all it's a pretty damn good update.

EDIT cos I'm out of bubbles :|
I also noted on the beta registration process that MS are expecting more-or-less monthly firmware updates. Onwards and upwards woot woot 3D blu-ray playback next please :)

Mustang300C20122181d ago

Also achievements no longer load and are much faster when you open in the middle of the game or go to the app.

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ElementX2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

So the "juddering" is screen tearing? This patch is basically a 50fps frame cap? I mean from what I've read online you need a 60hz tv to display 60fps so is it true that 50hz PAL tvs only display up to 50fps?

*EDIT* I also read that almost all of the PAL TVs come with support for 50hz and 60hz now.

brich2332181d ago

Yes. That frame rate cap is important, since 50hz won't see beyond 50fps.

C-H-E-F2181d ago

That's crazy, I wonder if they fixed it to "50hz" then what was the cap before, and why wouldn't they make it 60hz. Can the Xbox One even support 60hz in the future? questions questions...

Chris122181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

@chef. The issue is that Sky (and other providers) boxes in the UK output 50hz so MS have updated the OS to accept this rather than process it as 60hz, which causes issues. Its not a limitation of the Xbox, just how TV is broadcast for many people in the UK

mhunterjr2181d ago

Important to note that this has to do with TV broadcasting signals, not with the capabilities of the tv's or the consoles.

Some TV providers out put at 50hz signal, the xbox only operated at 60hz, so it cause juddering when watching TV.

This will have no effect of games...

Saurian2181d ago

No the "juddering" is not screen tearing. This fault refers to the TV passthrough feature, it is not game related.

ElementX2181d ago

Oh, ok thanks for the info

Volkama2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

That's not quite accurate. I don't think you can buy an HDMI TV that does not support 60hz (and 50hz), and the problem is not extra frames rendered.

The problem is that in the UK our various satellite/cable TV boxes still output a 50hz signal, but the One does not pass it through at 50z.

50hz in, 60hz out, 10 of those refreshes are filler and that's where the judder comes in.

My Samsung Plasma didn't exhibit any judder at all, but it rather depends on how your TV processes the image and some people would have had a nasty visual experience.

valet_Smerdyakov2181d ago


I don't think any TV could have fixed the problem as the signal xbox had been sending to it was already corrupted. It could only fix it if it knew which of the ten frames are the interpolated ones and buffered and displayed only those original 50 frames. Some people didn't notice because they are physiologically not able to notice. In some situation it was more noticeable than in others, a horizontally scrolling text (news ticker) being the worst case.

It can never be fixed properly for the xbo snap feature - PAL TV is 50Hz and games 60Hz.

SmoothC9112181d ago

I'm hopeful that they include 1080i output too, I'd like to use the tv features with my DirecTV but can't stand the downscaling to 720p (my tv only accepts 1080i then it upscales to p)

Volkama2181d ago

720p usually gives a nicer picture than 1080i.

Interlacing sucks.

KingDadXVI2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Is your TV capable of displaying in 720p? If so you would be better having you picture displayed at that resolution. I received the update last night and the console only supports 1080p and 720p from what I can see in the settings. If your TV has the option to display at 720p or 1080i I would recommend that you change the default setting on your TV to 720p. You will get a better picture than with 1080i IMO. While 720p is a lower resolution all the lines are sent 60 times per second creating a smoother picture with video that has faster movement in it. On the other hand 1080i sends half the lines at a time thus at 1/60th second on half displays then at 2/60th of a second the other half displays. This is perceived as jagged edges or blurring in fast motion scenes.

What model of TV do you have? It seems very strange that it would capable of upscaling to 1080p (displays 1080p) but can only accept a 1080i signal.

bosoxs5052181d ago

Updates are always good.

tiremfej2181d ago

The addition of Dolby Digital Bitstream is nice as well..

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