Dynasty Warriors 8 Fills The Screen With Even More Enemies On PS4

Tecmo Koei brought Dynasty Warriors 8 to PlayStation 4 as a launch title in Asia. How does the PS4 version stack up against the PS3 release?

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ZodTheRipper2189d ago

Damn I might need to get this for PS4, too ...March is expensive enough already :/

HardcoreGamer2189d ago

great stuff coming to ps4, some scenes still look great on ps3, , but this is going to only keep getting better

Nine_Thousaaandd2189d ago

Gonna have a blast in March...along with Infamous and Dead Nation, and now DW...thanks to Sony, we're gonna have a fantastic year with the PS4!

My_precious2189d ago ShowReplies(3)
MasterCornholio2189d ago

And you can interact with the game with twitch. But I have no idea what it does though.

BiggCMan2189d ago

You can drop meat buns for health, I know that much. I don't know if there are more options though. Can't wait to get this game though!! I don't usually buy games twice (loved DW8 on PS3 of course), but I like these improvements, plus all the new content from XL! March be CRAYYYYYYZEEEEEE!!

CynicalKelly2189d ago

I never finished 7 so my 8 is just sitting here unopened on Xbox. Certainly getting 8 again for PS4 though, I just love this series.

fullmetal1562189d ago

As far as the interaction a friend of mine said that one option is to drop a meat bun for health the other to add more enemies remove enemies and add bonuses haven't confirmed but thats what he said lol.

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