Watch_Dogs - what we know so far

IM PLAYIN takes a look at what we know about Watch_Dogs as well as a 14 Minute video of gameplay from Machinima

"Online is a bit of a mystery at the moment; they’ve shown some partial bits and pieces, where another player came into the world and attempted to hack some data out of that player, who could either retaliate and kill the player or chase them into their own world and steal some data back. This interests me, as it states in the short gameplay video that anyone can join and go into anyones world"

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jay22184d ago

Want this release date and trailer, love these kind of games.

MisterFantastic2183d ago

I'm kinda shaky about the multiplayer aspect of the game. Don't want to go take a restroom break and someone comes and fuck my shit up. Still going to pre-order though.

UnrealThreats2182d ago

There is a option in the settings to turn it off.

hazard17remedy2183d ago

For me anyone that call Dishonored "meh" should suffer in hell listening to Bieber and Timberlake for 100000 years.

Just saying.

ThichQuangDuck2183d ago

We essentially know it is an assassins creed clone in Chicago. At first the displaying of all NPC's information looked promising as if their AI would reflect their inner secrets or could be changed by the player. However if a NPC can't be manipulated or stay dead and affect the story or gameplay in anyway then what is the point? If I start a car crash and kill someone important I should see the ramifications. More than just being on the news for a moment. As for multiplayer they really hinted at much more than a tedious game of hack tag in the original trailer. Hopefully they are using the delay to actually add a feature that will truly be game breaking. I will be buying it either way would just enjoy if I felt a open world game like this displaying all NPC info didn't feel so linear and repetitive. Allow the player to use hacked information as they please?

Meltic2183d ago

We need a realese date ffs

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