Scaring Away Talent in Triple-A Development

Josh Hinke from Explosion writes:" The word “corporate” can conjure up some pretty negative imagery. Statistically the majority of people reading this article will have worked or will work for some sort of corporation in their lifetime. “The Man”, “The Establishment” they are all viewed as the bad guy, the overlords who tells us when we can’t take time off, when we aren’t going to get raises, and when it is time to stop having fun and play by the rules. We have dreams of being famous, winning the lottery, or some other windfall that will spare us working as a cog in a giant wheel. "

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bobacdigital2188d ago

This article is very inaccurate when it comes to Cliffy B's accolades lol...

"or Cliff Bleszinski who created the Quake and the Gears of War series, feel like they were betrayed by their long-term commitments to certain studios."

Cliffy B did not CREATE Quake... they must have it confused with UNREAL .... John Carmack created QUAKE......