Dark Souls 2 pre-orders up 50% over original

Pre-order numbers for Dark Souls 2 are 50 per cent higher than those of its predecessor, Namco Bandai has told MCV.

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Paul852179d ago

That's great I know this is a day one purchase for me. More preorders mean more invaders and people to be summoned! Praise the sun!

Psychotica2179d ago

I am not surprised, I am really looking forward to it..

LAWSON722179d ago

I am expecting the PC date very soon because they said very soon a week ago. I expect as soon as it goes gold they got a set date

Grave2179d ago

Even though I am getting a PS3 version, the Steam copy will be my version of choice so I am eagerly anticipating this announcement. I truly hope for the sake of the game's future (on PC) the do a proper PC version as the original Dark Souls PTDE was a mess to get up and running correctly. It really turned a few of my friends off to Dark Souls which is a shame.

Hanso2179d ago

i cancelled my preorder.
Ill wait for the Prepare to die edition on ps4 0__0

Blastoise2179d ago

Why did you cancel? It's probably gonna be the best game to come out all year

Hanso2179d ago

Why i cancelled?
read my first post again

Daver2179d ago

Im waiting for a ps4 version too

djplonker2179d ago

Has it been confirmed for ps4?

I would say demons souls 2 is more likely to be on ps4!

Hanso2179d ago

Not confirmed but they said they developed DS 2 with next gen in mind.
Im just thinking it would be easy for them to port the PC Version to PS4 because PS 4 has similiar architectur to the PC right?

I cancelled Castlevania LoS2 too because im expecting here a ps4 Version aswell.

djplonker2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I wouldn't expect any ports but then again dont expect them not to be ported!

If you do hold out the game and they dont port it to ps4 it will be cheaper by then so thats a bonus

I still have my ps3 setup and I use my dualshock 4 with it so I dont mind buying the ps3 version day one!

My guess is they would have announced it by now so people could choose to wait for the ps4 version instead of thinking they were made to buy both!

(Although there is ps3 to ps4 upgrades so **** knows!)

Aghashie2179d ago

How are u so certain that such edition will happen?

I also want it on my ps4 but I can't just sit and wait forever for it to happen. So, tell me, what do u know?

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BobbytheBuilder2179d ago

man why does this game come out on such a crowded month. too many amazing game coming out in march

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The story is too old to be commented.