"Minecraft most successful survival horror game this generation" - Alien: Isolation creative lead

Creative Assembly tells games™ that Minecraft and Thief are just as inspirational to videogame horror as Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

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Paulie_gualtieri2185d ago

But minecraft isn't..

..i wouldn't call it a..



ForgottenProphecy2185d ago

technically, it is. Nobody can argue it not being a survival game, and come on, when you see a creeper, we have all been more sacred then we care to admit by Minecraft

Amazingmrbrock2185d ago

deep down in a tunnel, supply of torches running low, skeleton and zombie sounds coming from somewhere. Tense, as, f^ck. Thats successful horror right there.

zRude2185d ago

I honestly dint it disturbing to be mining in darkness at deep caves. Never knowing what lurks behind me and when.

CEOSteveBallmer2185d ago

most successful survival horror game - according to mincraft fans and nobody else. Wow, if this is what survival horror is just because of some creepers and scary pixelated monsters then i don't know what horror games anymore. saying that minecraft is in league with the original PSone resident evil games is insulting

Sly-Lupin2185d ago

"saying that minecraft is in league with the original PSone resident evil games is insulting"

...But no one is saying that.

Also: LMFAO at anyone thinking Resident evil was even remotely frightening. My ****ing ass off.

rodiabloalmeida2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

I'm laughing so hard right now while reading this headline. LOL Horror... in minecraft? WTF! Give me a break. I need to breath.

Sly-Lupin2185d ago

I think Minecraft has a far better claim to being the most successful LEGO game.