The Stick of Censorship and the howls of knee-jerk nannies

MWEB GameZone guest writer, Tauriq Moosa, takes a look at the censorship of South Park: The Stick of Truth and how it impacts gaming.

What we should be surprised by is not that South Park would face the stick of censorship or the howls of knee-jerk nannies; what we should be surprised by is how many games we get as they're intended, uncensored and fully-unpacked.

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HanCilliers2191d ago

I'm all for giving a game an age rating, but then to further censor it as was done with South Park is overkilling it.

DesVader2191d ago

For South Park, this is kind of ironic...

schmoe2191d ago

"So. South Park. Censored. Because... it's offensive. Because.. it "crosses" a magical line designated by those who probably won't play it. "

there is the crux! well written, good job