15 Things That PS4 Needs To Set Right

Gaming Bolt:

Like any other piece of hardware out there, the PS4 has a lot of room for amelioration. So how can Sony make their latest gaming console even better than it is now? Here are 15 things that we would like to see in the future models of the new-gen console.

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HolyDuck2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

I think it needs a small stability update before all these. The only problem with my PS4, and I've read a couple other people have this problem is after the console has been on a while and I pop onto the store it'll stick on the blue background with the wavy design on it. I have to restart the console to get into the store ):

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AgentSmithPS42185d ago

Things that I hate...
1. I can't pause the downloads/updates when I'm playing another game online, sometimes this lags the hell out of me. I get one option, "delete", that's great thanks... At the very least there should be a way to set the background DL speed to very low.
2. Sony has blocked the chance to save a ton of funny, awesome, etc moments from BF4 to my HDD because for some stupid reason you have to upload 15 minutes of crap to a site. My net speed is great for gaming but it can't handle uploading quickly while I'm still gaming, it turns into a slideshow. I think editing clips to shorten them makes you exit the game so that's not an option either since some games can go 30 min or more. Just give me a quick way to save the last 30s-1min to my HDD please.

itBourne2185d ago

I think Sony has fucked up a lot of the more subtle things on PS4, my PS3 is my main media hub over my ps4, not even close. That being said, my PC trumps both so yah, and I use the same screens for all 3. That is just me though. Regardless, as long as their massive 1st party studios keep giving me exclusives, I could really care less. That is why I bought the damn thing, for games, anything else my PC can handle. (In a completely amazing world, every studio just makes all games for PC but that wont happen lol, so Playstation is a must for me.)

iceman062185d ago

I agree. But, when thinking back, those many of those subtle things were added to the PS3 later. We know it was a fight to get to market first this year. So, Sony had to get what they could on the machine and get it out. I don't begrudge them that. It was a must. Now that the Japanese launch is out of the way, I think that they will have more time to focus on the subtle things to make the experience better.

MousenJoypad2185d ago ShowReplies(3)
NovusTerminus2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Option to record the entire Parties chat when hitting the Share Button. and the option to export recorded videos to edit on PC, Sony Vegas mixing is better...

Put Sony Vegas on the PS4... >.> I can dream!

Wizziokid2185d ago

I would love an option to edit videos like X1 has and of course upload to youtube, not sure what else I can think of, Love my PS4!

ab5olut10n2185d ago

15 things...spread out over 15 pages. No thanks. Just give me DLNA support and I'll be happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.