Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - All Ghillied Up Map Recreated In CRYENGINE

Crydev member ‘PianoPolish’ has recreated Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s All Ghillied Up map in CRYENGINE, giving us a glimpse of what a modern version of that map would look like.

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Wingsfan242184d ago

If there's any Call of Duty games I want to play in this generation, I hope they bring back or make a sequel to World at War and do an Anniversary Edition of the original Modern Warfare.

PoSTedUP2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

nope, i want COD: Ghosts2, and with DLC to buy on day one. blacks ops 3&4, too, so i have something to do when im not playing ghosts, DLC too, so i have something to buy when im not buying ghost DLC or preordering ghosts3 for this memorial day (i hope they have a memorial day weekend doubleXP).

matt1392184d ago

So you want sequels to the worst cod titles to date?

The very best games in the cod franchise are cod 2 and the modern warfare series (excluding mw3)

black ops 2 and ghosts are absolutely terrible.

yezz2184d ago

matt139, it's obviously sarcasm. if not

KyRo2184d ago


MW2 and 3 were dreadful games as was Ghosts. IW will never make a good COD again IMO. They've had 3 chances since COD4 and blew them all.

BO2 was the best COD game since COD4. It's just a shame we've got to wait a year longer to see Treyarch's next game now because it's Sledgehammers turn to release a game.

Zombies mode every three years now <<<<

PoSTedUP2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

hah Yez, dont doubt youself, you are correct.

@matt139 &kyro- i liked cod1 the best- online on PC, it was a nut house and so much fun. then id say cod4, cod2/the big red one. and i liked blackops1, it was a good change of pace (BO2 is a mess just like how MW2 was, too much stuff/futureistic and for noobs), MW3 was more balanced but still more of the same crap (just no cheesy perks, or nukes that everyone camped for). i didnt buy MW2, and MW3 was and is the last one i have played. i refuse to buy BO2 or ghosts just like i refsed to buy MW2. the franchise needs a Massive over-haul and everyone knkws it.

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3-4-52183d ago


* Mixing maps from COD 2,3 & WaW.

Make this game now, as it's the only COD game I would play. This modern stuff has to go, or become more creative.

Master-H2184d ago

This mission was a b***h to complete on veteran, the second part omg....

Neonridr2184d ago

agreed, I remember hiding by the abandoned ferris wheel waiting for an extraction..

PoSTedUP2184d ago

ha, i gave up playing this game on veteran, i rage quit forever.

john22184d ago

yeap, the second part of this missions was a real pain in the a*s

matt1392184d ago

You think that's hard on veteran? Try mile high club....

NarooN2184d ago

I remember THE FIRST DUDE WHO COMES OUT THE BATHROOM killing me instantly on that. I beat it eventually, but the difficulty was just hilarious, especially because your team mates do nothing at all to help you.

BX812184d ago

I was thankful to finally beat the game on vet. I never beat the plane on vet

Salooh2184d ago

It was challenging but i for one think world at war is much much harder then Mw1 in campaign mode. Both were awesome though.

NarooN2184d ago

WaW on Veteran = Grenade of Grenade: Grenade at Grenade

Salooh2184d ago

It's a grenade war lol

If you move your head from cover your dead , if you hide 6 grenades thrown at you at the same time. It was hell T_T

But i still loved it to the point where i started the game again in a new user and got the platinum in one day XP .

King20082184d ago

World at War was a grenade fest on the hardest difficulty setting but man was it exciting after I beat it.

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Demarco1562184d ago

cod4 is still my all time favorite fps

yezz2184d ago

The only ps3 game I have left besides gta v ;) modern warfare was so cool back then, unfortunately it's been highly overused these days..