PowerLeveled | FrostyMcNosty’s Wife Plays Outlast

Frosty talks his wife into playing Outlast. He failed to mention it’s a “Scary Game”. Scare clip embedded. Full video in "Watch video".

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JoeIsMad2183d ago

I love the very end of the clip "What if I have nightmares?!"

JoeIsMad2183d ago

Seemed a little angry to me...

ROQFrost2183d ago

Scared, angry, betrayed.

Stevefantisy2183d ago

I expect nothing less from outlast. To think that Redbarrels said the hardest part will be to out do themselves with their next title. For now I can't wait to get my hand on the DLC "whistle blower"

Roman3mPiRe862182d ago

Its fun to watch people who get scared really easily play this game... I also got my wife to play this game and will be uploading on YouTube check her channel @ VetteGeeky its hilarious