Hands On: Renegade X- A Multiplayer Shooter Paradise

The Unreal Tournament mod turned into full game, Renegade X by Totem Arts, has now officially entered open beta status for the world to enjoy, and it is glorious.

Renegade X is the fan-made spiritual successor to Westwood Studios 2002 shooter Command and Conquer (C&C): Renegade. It’s actually more of a complete game overhaul than a successor since all it is trying to do is bring the original game into the modern age with updated graphics, UI improvements, and game mechanics. It does a dang good job at recreating, and improving, the magic that made the original game so much fun.

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LimeyGeeza2189d ago

Looks awesome - will def. try this especially as it's free - how have I not heard about this before?

Desolate_Hybrid2189d ago

It's loads of fun! I've been looking forward to this for years now, and I am extremely happy with how it turned out.

I know it's got some bugs, but there doesn't seem to be anything game breaking, and the dev team is working on fixing them before the final release.