'Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising' Review: A New Low | Bloody Disgusting

BD writes: "The only thing saving Chaos Rising from receiving Bloody Disgusting’s first-ever zero in a game review is the fact that Dead Rising 3 is still incredibly fun and it gives me a reason to go back to enjoy the side stories as Nick Ramos runs around somewhere in my periphery."

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Yui_Suzumiya2184d ago

So I guess this will smash Left Behind and Burial at Sea? :3

Activemessiah2184d ago

lol bloody disgusting are not having any of it

thereapersson2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

The best part is, you know this guy is a gamer when he mentions the Horse Armor debacle. I take this guy at his word when I read this review.

If anything, I fault Capcom for thinking they could pawn this off on gamers and it wouldn't get noticed.

Yui_Suzumiya2184d ago

Since I never heard of this DLC then I assume going unnoticed is the whole point. . :3

boing12184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

now that's low

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The story is too old to be commented.