Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Officially Confirmed for ‘Late March’

MP1st - Developer DICE narrows down Battlefield 4′s third DLC launch.

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caseh2183d ago

Is this how it's going to be these days? A batch of DLC every 5 weeks. smh, unbelieveable.

JoeIsMad2183d ago

Nah. A batch of content for my premium subscription every 5 weeks. Seems like a good deal to me.

whitefang19882183d ago

Only problem with that is implying premium is a good deal in the first place. They use to give these kind of things away for free, so everyone could play together.
Of course that was before electronic assholes bought them.

JoeIsMad2182d ago

@White - It's not as if you're getting a better deal from Activision. Also, they did not "used to give these things away for free." When you bought Doom on SNES, you didn't get free DLC. When you bought Syphon Filter for PSOne, you didn't get free DLC. When you bought Halo: Combat Evolved for Xbox, you did not get free DLC.

When you bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for Xbox 360, you paid for DLC, because it costs money to develop DLC - a process that was not standard practice outside of the PC.

OwnageDC6502183d ago

I'm ready! I paid $30 for BF4 Premium. Well worth it at that price.

whitefang19882182d ago

30! I wish we paid that in the uk, it cost $70 here

RedSoakedSponge2183d ago

doesthis mean they have fixed all the bugs now?! they said they wouldnt release anymore dlc until the game was fixed. i hope so! been waiting for this day to come so i can get playing again :)

lazyboyblue2183d ago

Glad someone remembers that promise. bubble up.

2pacalypsenow2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

I have been playing it for weeks on ps4 and no issues , other than normal glitches for a huge multiplayer game.

angelsx2183d ago

What about rubber banding?

KyRo2183d ago

Same here. Yes the game has bugs like 99% of all other games. The only one bug that annoys me is wen playing on Hiwian (I can't spell it lol) resort and someone makes half of the hotel collapse the whole game becomes a stuttering mess until the until it's finished collapsing then it returns back to it's normal 60fps.

beebap2183d ago

Still problems but better and you can play most of the time.

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