inFAMOUS: Second Son Collector's Edition Back in Stock on Amazon

Hardcore Gamer: That's right, the fashionable beanie is yet again within reach, with the $79.99 edition suddenly going back in-stock on the retail giant.

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ValKilmer2189d ago

How did this go out of stock in the first place? It's a $20 premium for a beanie and a jacket made for ants.

diehardmetallicafan2189d ago

shut your mouth! you were shit in batman forever!.. ;) ive got the collector's edition pre-ordered and im looking forward to my beanie

matrixman922189d ago

man, I want this. Sucks i missed out at gamestop. I dont want to pay 90 something total with tax and shipping. Anyone know anywhere else that has this still?

ValKilmer2189d ago

Amazon should have free shipping for this, though, so shouldn't it be the same as buying it at GameStop?

matrixman922189d ago

its not showing free shipping. Day one shipping is like 9 dollars

ValKilmer2189d ago

Oh, I didn't know you wanted it day one.

abstractel2189d ago

It's release date delivery free? Maybe its prime only... I save so much money wuth prime.