PSXE Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 Review: This...Doesn't Feel Right

While not exactly the sequel fans were hoping for (stealth sections are just awful and the story doesn't cut it), the combat is worthy of your attention.

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GuruStarr782192d ago

This game is amazing. I'm about 4 hours in and it's great. I'd have to respectfully disagree with the negative reviews... Just like with the first game, which I thought was pretty great too... If you liked the first, you'll enjoy this one, too..

vishmarx2192d ago

it is isnt it?
also how do you take suck reviews seriously?
"This...Doesn't Feel Right"really?that extremely professional.

Iltapalanyymi2192d ago

what do you expect? even the devs said it shit.

vishmarx2192d ago

id ask you where you got that from,but your bubbles tell me to not bother

starchild2191d ago

I agree. I honestly am baffled by the overly negative reviews of some of the mainstream sites. This game is fantastic and better than the first Lords of Shadow in nearly every way. The only thing I liked better about the first game was the more traditional fantasy setting. CLoS 2 still has a ton of extremely beautiful environments though.

It's crazy how split opinions from reviewers has been on this game. Lots of 9s and 8s, along with the ridiculous 5s and 4s. If you check out the user reviews on metacritic, though, you will see that the overwhelming majority of gamers who reviewed it really love the game. This stands in stark contrast to some of the jaded "professional reviews".