Fallout 4 Arsenal of Guns, Player Run Factions, Dynamic Desicions and Greater Emphasis on Survival?

For over two years now, there have been a plethora of rumours pertaining to Fallout 4, but the game's developer, Bethesda, has remained silent about the matter.

As fans, we can't do anything beyond dreaming about the purported game. The Internet has been filled with thousands of wish lists detailing what fans of the franchise would like to see in Fallout 4. Here are some of the most exciting ideas yet.

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-Foxtrot2180d ago

"More Realisitc Nutrition System"

I don't think the New Vegas Hardcore mode should be part of the main game. Having to keep hydrating yourself, sleeping and eating would become a pain in the arse after a while, it's not the Sims you know

As for the SPECIAL topic...I kind of liked how you managed to max them all out in the end. If you could do it early on in the game then fair enough but maxing them out after a long period of time just means you've ben rewarded for playing the game enough to improve everything. I do think you should be allowed to do it eventually but obviously they need to put in a lot of extremely difficult challenges to do it.

The problem with fractions in my opinion is that it's supposed to be YOU against the world. I mean I know a lot of people who used to keep a NPC companion around because they would end up killing enemies for them while they ran away and collected the XP from the enemies the NPC killed. In my opinion thats not how to play Fallout or Elder scrolls for that matter. It's like when people cry out for co-op, it's just not that kind of game at it's core.

I mean I liked them in New Vegas but some of them were a little silly. The Great Khans...the Kings lol. Not to mention if you weren't careful in some places you would occidentally lock yourself out of a mission in another camp you would need later on when you find out how to get a unique weapon/amour but then realise you've done something which stops you from getting it. It's such a pain when your a collector in the game.

Speaking of unique weapons there needs to be an armoury of sorts you can build which houses every unique weapon/amour in the game, with this you could all so see if you've collected them all or not.

theDivision2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Agreed with everything except co-op. I understand what you are saying but at the same time it would be so much MORE fun for me to be able to play with my brother/roommate/father (all 3 love fallout and all 3 have PS4s) as opposed to having to sit on the couch and watch them and take turns. I would be content with them simply having me (the second player) create an NPC that will just begin in game with the main player. I do not get any quests besides the ones the main players gets and it limits the number of NPCs we can have by one. Also no duplicate unique weapons and armor those have to be shared. My immersion is ruined more by having to sit on the couch and take turns than it would be by being able to play along side even if I wasn't the focal point. I would be fine being the "best friend" or "ghoul companion" or "Marcus like super mutant" that the main character found at a young age. Just let me join in as opposed to making me sit and watch then switch.

-Foxtrot2179d ago

Co-op is just not worth it

People who want something silly like co-op don't understand that these games are supposed to be played the way they are...single player games.

Bethesda can't even do a single player game without bugs so imagine if they added something as a big as co-op....they just wouldn't be able to do both, it would waste money and resources and in the end you would get a half arsed single player...all for

If you want co-op go play on Fable....Fable Legends is coming up

theDivision2179d ago

The comparison of Fallout to Fable is disgusting.

I have played every single Fallout game I understand the way the game is designed. I understand how buggy both Fallout games are as well as Skyrim (I have not played any before it so I cannot comment on those) I disagree that people who want coop don't understand how the game is supposed to be played. They want to be able to enjoy the detailed world that was created along side someone else. I did not say they have to put it in nor do I expect them to because I (like everyone who has played Fallout 3, NV, or Skyrim) knows how buggy it is. It does not change the fact that I would love to be able to play the game alongside a friend. In conclusion I can and do understand exactly how the game is meant to be played, it does not mean I cannot wish for more. I spent half the time of both Fallouts, and Skyrim sitting on the couch watching someone else play. If you have more fun watching than doing then it does not matter, but I personally had more fun playing it than I did watching it. Especially since my builds were far different from my roommates and brothers. I know coop will never come it does not mean I cannot wish for it to. Plus I am a social person, I enjoy being in the company of others, and I have yet to meet a person that says "No no, you play I would rather just sit here and watch you play"

-Foxtrot2179d ago

Well then you don't understand the risks with it. If you know for a fact that Bethesda can't do single player games without bugs then why would you want them to waste all that time on co-op. It just dosen't make sense, I'd rather have a bigger, more filled world with less bugs then an online mode.

All you'd do is show off to your friends for a few hours as you blitz through the campaign mode then after that you'll get bored and go on a proper co-op game built from the ground up.

I used Fable because it's the next co-op RPG coming out. Borderlands 3 is a while off...

The best thing you can hope for is to see if a mod will do it on PC's so Bethesda will stay the hell away from it.

These games just don't need all.

Irishguy952179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I highly disagree with factions, you against the world I mean. Factions made New vegas > F3. You actually had an affect on the world. It was an real RPG due to that. You would hate the witcher if you don't like choices affecting gameplay. I strongly agree with actions and consequences. It vastly improves the gameplay experience. Making you think about what you are doing and actually making your character a part of the world instead of some guy who explores it

For example, in are dragonborn. Likely the most powerful man in all the lands. Yet the ****ing factions don't give a ****. If I were the leader of the Dark Brotherhood I would beg my balls off to have the dragonborn join.

I guess it's personal preference though really. For me, my playthrough of a game is 'my' playthrough. If I choose to side with a faction and go against someone I expect that choice to follow through on the rest of the game. Be it locking quests, making allies and enemies etc. There are benefits and consequences to choosing to ally etc. For a game like ES and Fallout I feel it is vital. Yet bethesda simply don't do it. They prioritise quantity and exploration over everything else. Essentially nerfing the story and the rpg elements(Both gameplay/level scaling and stories/choice wise). I really dislike that attitude towards games. Again personal pref.

Edit - Yeah Vegamaster, but thats because the map was empty of 'random ****' that Fallout 3 had. Every single thing, every thing else, besides that aspect, was better in Fallout New vegas. That's why i've always said Bethesda make exploration games and Obsidian make RPG's. I find Skyrim and Fallout 3 boring games in general. Exploration doesn't do it for me, and due to that, they lack anything else that appeals to me. The are 'rpg lights'. Bethesda philosophy is good exploration

Vegamyster2179d ago

"Factions made New vegas > F3"

I found New Vegas very boring to explore in comparison to F3.

Bigpappy2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

All I need in 'Nuke Cola' and some 'Dog meat'. The caps are like gold, so you get paid to drink it to boot.

I will detox latter with some smoothies.

Wni02179d ago

I hope they go back to top down isometric view. FPPOV added nothing besides the immersion factor. But id say the chance of that is at .00086% still got hope though.

elninels2179d ago

No thanks, take your neoclassical game ideas somewhere else, turdburger.

AnEwGuY2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Samuel L. Jackson: "Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf***in' rumors on this motherf***in' GAME! "

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