Fallout 4: Going Back To The Start?

Gamers have been waiting for four years for the release of another game in the Fallout franchise and they have been asking Bethesda to develop Fallout 4. It is expected that the sequel would pick back up from where Fallout New Vegas finished.

Fallout has been a very successful franchise and Fallout 4 should be able to continue in this trend and it should be better than any of the games that came before it. However if this is to be so then Bethesda have to pull their socks up and make some big changes.

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Yui_Suzumiya2188d ago

I'm tired of opinion and rumor articles. Just announce the damn thing already and give us a teaser trailer or something. I put more time and money into Fallout 3 than any game I've played since 1991 and I'll gladly do the same with Fallout 4.

Spacemagic2188d ago

Cut down on loading screens is the only thung i want.

deathtok2187d ago

N4G'ers should be ashamed of up voting this article. Too many terribly written articles get posted here!

Ocsta2187d ago

Fallout 4 can bite my shiny metal a**. Wasteland 2, Divinity: Original Sin, Pillars of Eternity, Dragon age 3, Witcher 3! Nuff said.

toddybad2187d ago

this isn't even a proper article, more like the drunken ramblings of a semi-illiterate blogger. There's too many posts like this making it onto n4g. Can't we just stick to proper articles by real journalists?