Fallout 4 Release Date, Crafting and Other Important Updates

The RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world will have lots to offer to the gamers once it actually lands.

The developers of the game Bethesda studios are supposed to make an official announcement shortly. They are keeping it to themselves for a long time now for some unsaid reason.

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Excalibur2189d ago

We are announcing that we will be making an announcement soon.

CourierSix2189d ago

I actually almost cried at this. I mean seriously Bethesda? Really? But then again can't complain, finally (hopefully) something other than rumour and bulls**t.

generic-user-name2189d ago

Just looking at the name of the website makes me not want to click the link for info on ANY game.

SageShinigami2189d ago

I don't even like Fallout and I was disappointed. Don't mention release date in the title if there isn't one.

CourierSix2183d ago

Why even comment then? Somewhat redundant don't you think?

FRAKISTAN2189d ago

A teaser for a teaser trailer is not far