5 Stupid things that happened in Thief’s first hour

James O'Connor of MMGN: I have played through the first three missions, which really was enough for me, I think, and I came away with a few anecdotes. Don’t take this as an indictment on the full game, although I heavily suspect that it stays stupid, and bad, and irritating and ugly and dull.

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Iltapalanyymi2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

everything. this is a spit in the face for thief fans. also the main character is 2edgy4u

vishmarx2185d ago

i dont see why even a non fan would like it though....
poor stealth check,bad story check,poor level design check,terrible combat(forced too)check.

dekke2185d ago

and poor gameplay i didnt like it at all :/

starchild2185d ago

I am a long-time Thief fan and I really like the new game. I've also talked to lots of people on different forums that enjoy it as well. It's a damn good stealth game. Stealth isn't for everyone though. I think a lot of people are looking for more of an action game.

Reviews have been mixed. Here are some of the 8s and 9s that the game has received:




vishmarx2185d ago

"Stealth isn't for everyone though".
is that so?
so youre saying that the only reason a majority of people dont like this game is because theyre idiots and the game isnt meant for them.
only elites like you truely understand stealth game

starchild2185d ago

Poor stealth? Hell no. It has some of the best stealth mechanics in the genre.

Bad story? Nope. I liked it for the most part and it kept me interested.

Poor level design? No. I never found the level design frustrating. It looked great and provided ample opportunities for stealth and tackling objectives by different routes.

Terrible combat? This one is hilarious. The game doesn't have "combat". You are supposed to avoid direct confrontation. And if you do try to fight a guard the movements of the blackjack strikes are perfectly fine for a thief (not a warrior). It works the way it is supposed to. And it sure as hell isn't forced. You can beat the whole game without killing or fighting a single guard. I don't know what game you played.

-Foxtrot2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Starchild..I've never seen this much defending for a a game

Let it go man

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madara0sama2185d ago

I gotta agree. The main character was 2edgy4me.

Roccetarius2185d ago

@-Foxtrot, i didn't want to point it out myself, but Starchild really does go to the edge of defense. It's obvious that this game was hit by development hell, because it shows in the overall design of the game.

-Foxtrot2185d ago

Exactly...why make excuses when the dev has done such a crap job

Your praising failure

mantisimo2185d ago

Maybe star child is a Dev!!! :-0

starchild2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

You're unbelievable, Foxtrot.

Why is it ok for people to come and express negative opinions of the game, but not ok if someone expresses positive opinions of it?

I made it clear that I like the game and don't think it is a failure, and also posted links to quite a few reviewers who thought the game was great, yet you have the audacity to ask why am I making excuses for a crappy game and "praising failure". In what universe does that make sense? Obviously I don't think it is a failure, duh.

And there are others who have agreed with my comments and some who have even commented here who clearly like the game as well, so quit pretending that your opinion is somehow a given that everyone must accept.

It doesn't surprise me that you would have this attitude. You seem to be perpetually negative about almost everything. Most of the time I see you comment you are attacking something or making negative comments about something. I've even seen other people comment on how negative you are about everything.

If you have actually played this game and don't like it, that's fine. You're free to express your dislike, but don't try to marginalize or attack those that do like it.

dcj05242185d ago

Seriously? I hate Call of Duty but i don't call out my friends saying they play a absoloute failure. Just disagree with him and provide a counter argument explaining to him that personally for you it's a failure because of X,Y and Z. If it was Rambo it would be no debate it sucks. If it was the last of us no debate its awesome, but in mixed reception games like these it's a free for all debate on wether it suck a fat banana or it's the second coming of jesus.

-Foxtrot2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

It's fine to express opinions but to constantly defend it with poor excuses which you've only said to defend it....that's taking it to far.

You keep posting your cheery picked review scores for the game which is really sad aswell. Making it look like it's the solid truth that this game is awesome when it's not.

iistuii2184d ago

Praising failure, development hell ? It's not a failure to everyone. Have you people actually sat & played it or just reading what some people don't like about it.

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curse692185d ago

so the guy likes the game so what.when you like something you defend it, people are just repeating what they hear "ign says it sucks,i only play games that get 10's" blah blah.if anyone gets this because "lul im good at teh dishonored/skyrim" then this game isn't for you..same old story, i for one like sneaky games even though i suck at this one and i stand by it...

Mexxan2185d ago

I've got to agree. This is one very rough, disjointed and badly acted game. They couldn't event get the sound mix right. I'll be trading it in tomorrow.

Wni02185d ago

Are you sure you arent talking about Skyrims first hour?

SITH2185d ago

Glad I rented this game on gamefly. I got it Wednesday (hump day) and have not played it since.

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