MP1st | Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Beta Impressions – I’ll Take Some WoW With My FF Please

MP1st - The MMO landscape has changed drastically since FFXI and FFXIV launched with the F2P model now coming to rise. This begs the question: can A Realm Reborn, with a traditional monthly fee, rise to the top in a F2P era?

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GhettoBlasStarr2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

This is a great game. I was very surprised at this game Beta on PS4. With that being said.... There is NO way this game or any other, that I'll pay $40 plus $13 a Month for any game. Especially once I stop paying the monthly fee, the game becomes unplayable....NO GAME!!!

GravelerMagnitude92182d ago

i like how it looks at night with the stars moving, but it over $150 a year for a single game. wallets would turn to dust on that day. i like it and can afford it but me cant do it.

rdgneoz32182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Depends if it distracts you from buying other games in during that time / keeps you occupied. You can spend $180 on just 3 games...

As for "many players do not have a USB or Bluetooth keyboard in order to communicate easily."

One thing I noticed was the Playstation app for smart phones (which most people have these days) works for chat boxes. Have the app open and when you open the chat box to type, you can use the keyboard on your phone. That or just borrow the keyboard from your comp for a few for easy use.

KonsoruMasuta2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

It's an MMO, it's not like normal games with multiplayer. They will keep adding new content and expansions as time goes on.

joab7772182d ago

I knew this would be an issue for console players. We r programmed to pay $60 for a game, whether it b 4 hrs or 400 hrs. We will spend $50 for a season pass or $15 for DLC but NO WAY will I ever pay $12/month to play a game.

Thats how I USED to feel...until I played DCUO. I bought a PS4 at launch. Within a month I bought CoD, Battlefield, Killzone, AC4, Legs and NBA2k14. They were a lot of fun but I spent like $200+ dollars on them...and I have spent 5x as much time playing DCUO.

Many console players wont blink at buying thief or MGS: ground zero...but wont spring for FF14. I will tell u though that if u enjoy rpgs or mmos, u will spend hundreds and hundreds of hours playing ff14 alongside a huge community of ppl...and for $13/month. I have saved money since playing DCUO. I paid $30 for 3 months and havnt bought another game at all. Once u do this, u will find that u wont even want to buy most new console games (unless its something like Infamous or the witcher) U will wait until it goes on sale...while also taking advantage of psn+.

Seriously, if u love the beta...consider giving it 1-2 months. Thats $26...1/3 the price of Thief. U may not regret it at all. U may find that u rhaving a great time...and actually saving money.

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il-JumperMT2182d ago

Do you have idea how much content has been released due to that monthly fee?

Shadowsteal2182d ago

Honestly the truth is that, if you're not prepared to pay for this game then that means that you truly don't want the game as much as you think you do.

MMO's are different they grow over time, the $40 you pay is for the massive game you get day one and 30 days to enjoy your time in the game. Unlike other games where you pay $60, it never grows it never evolves.

MMO's evolve every month you pay $15 you pay for the work the developers conduct to add more content to the game.

A bunch of you are asking if it was F2P you'd buy it day one. Well truth is, if it was F2P there'd be a cash shop and we'd have to pay $30~ for every expansion pack.

This way I know whoever I'm playing with truly value the game and will put all their efforts in playing. No trolls no spam. Just a great mmo filled to the brim with hardcore players.

And if you can't pay for it don't. It means you really don't want it. But don't worry, I'll enjoy the game for all of you :)

kopicha2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

I did played the game for months without buying any new games. And still get new contents to visit as soon as I thought I almost done everything. So ya they are of different breed. You cant compare it this way and think it is not worth it of expensive whatever it matters. End of day you can have your preference if you prefer to keep buying new games to play. that is fine. But not right to bash on it because you dont see the other side of the picture

ps: btw the author of the article does have quite a number of points that he dunno what he is talking. because he still not aware of how some system works in this game despite calling himself some mmo vet. especially the communication potion for the game. he just dunno what he is talking.

Jubez1872182d ago

Subscription MMO's are a cost-benefit blowout compared to retail games. People spend 60 dollars a year on assassin's creed for 15 hours of the same rehashed gameplay.

3-4-52182d ago

If this is basically the only game your going to play then it makes sense, but there are far too many options now.

Either free + $15 a month or $40-60 and no monthly fee.

Pick one

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GravelerMagnitude92182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

im saying i cant spend that much on that game (as much as i want to) because i plan to purchase every ps4 game coming out this year. i have already bought

1. tomb raider
2. battlefield 4
3. assassin's creed 4
4. killzone
5. nba 2k14
6. flower
7. basement crawl
8. injustice

thats the first 3 month of PS4 being out. i still need a car and a apartment and i work part time. i want final fantasy 14, aswell as elder scrolls online, but financially i can only stay with $60 games with no monthly fees.

caseh2182d ago

'i still need a car and a apartment and i work part time'

Good to see your priorities are focused on what is more important haha. :)

joab7772182d ago

I was you!

Try giving FF14 a try for a month. If u love it, u wont be able to stop playing. And u will stop spending $60 for every new release b/c u run out of things to play. $13/month isnt so much when u stop buying a new game every other week. And u will find that u dont even miss most games. There are exceptions like Infamous, the witcher 3 etc. But u will be more selective b/c u wont stop playing an mmo that u love for just any game.

Try it for 1 month if u like the beta. After a month, u will definitely know whether its for u b/c other games wont be as important anymore...and u may actually save quite a bit. And like I posted, u can buy games after they go on sale or hit psn+ if u really want it.

When I looked at the launch games I bought and realized I could play my favorite mmo for 2 YEARS for what I really hit me.

Themba762182d ago

here's the problem with ff14 yess ive played the beta and loved every minute of it but here's the deal there is another $15 a month game coming out and thats the elder scrolls online im not gonna pay $30 a month for both so a decision has to be made.

dcj05242182d ago

Damn..... it's tough. I haven't played ELO but the world is ALL elderscroll games mapped into one. Talk about exspensive. FFXIV is a VERY in depth game,is ELO? Plus ELO has realtime combat. Hmmmm. Idk. Personally i'm enjoying the main story quest in the beta ( the freaking war ship was ungodly huge hoky crap!) and it's story is supposedly as good as the pre-XIII FF games with a coimax and a final boss. But since it's a mmo and you're paying monthly you can expect ALOT of content updates and 4 massive exspanions per year. Plus i already made some really fun friends there so they're a motivation too. I love JRPGS and as a Pilagist it reminds me of Tales of Xillia combat( especially with party limit break).I love realtime over FFXIV combat but everything else for me points to FFXIV. Up to your taste. Just make friends eitherway. Thats what mmos are for right?

Volkama2182d ago

I've played TESO and I've played FFXIV. TESO is massively better.

This is just one guy's opinion and I haven't played either game extensively, so take it for what's it's worth (almost nothing really).

JAMurida2182d ago

From my experience with people who say the sub price turns them off, most of them wouldn't have gotten through most of content to stay for the endgame anyways. Someone said it above but $15 a month (think it's like $10/mo for Legacy) really isn't much for a game if you enjoy playing and look forward to the future content. Yes it does add up to around $150, but that's three games right there that would not have lasted you no where near the amount of time.

Also I see a lot of people saying that want to buy games, but why not rent? I shouldn't assume everyone is in the US, but Gamefly is a REALLY good alternative to play a games that you know are going to be short. with the two game deal ($22 a month) you can get way more play value in 3 months than with buying just one game for $60. But that's just me, once I beat a game, I really don't replay it at all. And the only ones I buy are really long JRPG/RPGs that have replay to them and whatever shooter I want to play at the time.

I've gone off topic, but whatever... It all comes down to what you want to do with your $$$.

Ratty2182d ago

I'll take a paid MMO over a F2P any day. It's well-supported, they add a lot of content all the time and it feels like you're playing a quality game unlike most F2P.