HAZE to have 4GB install

Taken from the HAZE forums,

Will Haze have a mandatory install?
[DL] You will need to go through a minimal install (about 4 Gigs) but not the whole game.

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Silellak4721d ago

Sheesh. Sounds like this becoming pretty common-place, now.

I sure wouldn't want to be someone stuck with a 20 gig hard drive. Though I guess they could always manually upgrade it if they have to.

I really don't like this trend that is making console games more like PC games. I want to stick the disc in and have it work - that's supposed to be the beauty of console gaming. Simplicity.

Give me an OPTIONAL install if I want to increase performance, but it should always be OPTIONAL.

ELite_Ghost4721d ago

they can just upgrade their hardrive for like 100$ for 250gigs

red_ring_of_death4721d ago

i had a 20g now its a 200g i paid $90

DiabloRising4721d ago

Indeed. These mandatory installs are sloppy and we just don't have the space for them. Time to upgrade my PS3 HDD, and I have a 60gb.

sonarus4721d ago

I would handle a 4GB install if it was a game i really really wanted.

GutZ314721d ago

Screw Haze, its not fun enough to spend an hour installing to the freaking hard drive.

Dannagar4721d ago

I have a PS3 with a 20 gig hard drive. However, any game I've had to install, I've just deleted after I was done. I use it mostly for PS2 games though.

Mu5afir4721d ago

I never understood why people are outraged, the install is game data not "game saves". How many games does one person play at any given time? It's a no brainier to remove any game data that is not being used, and re-installing it later if you want to play again. 20gb is more then enough space for games if managed properly.

But if you want to store multi-media videos etc.. u should upgrade.

Bladestar4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )

Correction: Common on the PS3 and not on the xbox 360... Now I don't blame this primarity on the PS3... since there are other alternatives used in other PS3 games like stream loading... but the fact that the PS3 always have a hard drive, I can see why developer have the option of taking the easy way out... on on the xbox 360 they have no choice...

I personally hate game installs... and I always though it was the benefit over PC...

forbit I need to go to gamestop and asked them to let me play the game first (like I do sometimes) and I have to wait for the game to install; that if the gamestop guy let's me or have enough harddrive space... not to mention that if I want to take the game to my friend.. I have to install it...

I said it before... this will be a trend for the PS3.. since it remove the needs of developer doing the extra work... it's obvious.. just like the need of compression... if blu-ray allows developer to not need to compress game data... and the hard drive allow them to install some of these uncompressed data... then why do it?

here is an example...

if a game level is compressed to be 100MB instead of 500MB on the xbox 360 due to disc space restriction... but that restriction do not exist on the PS3 then the developer will simply leave the file at 500MB...

now the only problem would be loading.... the xbox 360 drive may not be faster as some argue than the PS3 blu-ray drive... but the blu-ray drive is not faster then the xbox 360 drive... but the difference is that the PS3 drive needs to read 500MB and the xbox 360 only 100MB...

what developers do? Install some if not all the 500MB on the PS3... in order to balance out fact that the PS3 drive needs to read more...

easy way out...

people can say wherever they want about blu-ray being better for this gen.... but you just don't make the container bigger and leave the pipes the same.... things would be a lot better for the PS3 if the blu-ray drive on the PS3 can read 500MB as the same speed the xbox 360 can read 100MB.... but that's not the case...

No wonder Sony didn't make the PS3 hard drive an addon like they did with the PS2... That would be a disaster.... with all the required installs... if this happened on the PS2 or any console or device like the PSP memory sticks... this would cost a lot of money if you own more than 4 games.

Milky4721d ago

I really hate mandatory installs. I have 3 gigs left now on my 40gb hard drive. I have no demos or psn games, its just filled up with installs. I have had to delete several installs to play newer games. Extremely angry that Haze needs a 4gb install. Im sorry but if COD4 doesnt need install god knows why an inferior game in every aspect to COD4 does.

solidt124721d ago

I had a 20 gig but upgraded to a 250 gig.

CrazzyMan4721d ago

I love consoles, because you have just put disc in a console and then PLAY.
No installs like on PC.

No, i don`t have problem with instaling 4-5GB for 10-20 min., it`s NOT really a BIG problem, BUT it`s not how it meant to be.

I really hope, in 2009 there won`t be coming games, that require install on PS3 and will have no downloads, just like Uncharted.

Fototherapist4721d ago

I'm not opposed to mandatory installs. I'm all for a game working properly right out of the box. The installations really don't take that long (unless it's Devil May Cry).

thewhoopimen4721d ago

bladestar, you're actually making alot of sense today instead of straight up flaming. bubbles for you on the educated response.

The only thing I'd probably add to your statement is that while I agree with you that developers are taking the easy way out, it doesn't mean they will be doing so forever. Eventually even the 50gb wall is going to be hit at with the PS3 and then, compression will have to be utilized at that point. However, we're talking 2-3 years down the line. Also, my take on it is eventually, they will probably want to take advantage of streamloading as well as hd loading combined in the future. Having 2 drives working is always better than 1.

juuken4721d ago

I agree Mu5afir. I finished Ninja Gaiden Sigma and didn't feel like playing mission mode so I deleted the game file to make room for more stuff.

Some people...lulz.

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permutated4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )

I'll tell you, with all the people who bought the 20 gigs on the PS3's first cycle, I would be worried bout all these mandatory installs.

This also seems a bit ridiculous in all honesty, that at this day and age (on a console no less) we have to waste time and space on so many titles.

I don't know anyone who would want to waste hard drive space on a game install, especially on such a small Hard drive..

permutated4721d ago

The fanboys are at work again, disagreeing with perfectly valid statements about a growing problem.

Silellak4721d ago

Did you mean 20 gig, or 40 gig?

Because the first two PS3's SKU's were 20 gig and 60 gig. It's the 20 giggers that are likely to feel the burn first.

Though, depending on how common this is, the 40 giggers may not be too far behind them.

madness4721d ago

how sucky

at least u can upgrade ur hd really easily and at a lower cost than the 360

clintos594721d ago

If it helps with pop up issues and makes the game run at a good frame rate then it isnt a problem for me. I just think some of these devs are still working there way around the ps3 and will find a way to fix these problems sooner or later but for now I dont mind as long as I get to play the game. I wont have to worry about this game though because from the demo I played I wasnt very wowed by it so I think I am going to skip this game maybe buy it later if I hear that it is alot of fun from others.

RacingX4721d ago

I bought the 20gig PS3 because I didn't want all the memory card reader junk, wi-fi etc. A year later I went to circuit city for $85 and 7 minutes of my time it magically became a 160gig PS3. You don't HAVE to keep the installs on there either, you can erase them when you finish the game. Not arguing, just saying.

deeznuts4721d ago

I bought a launch 20 gig. Been meaning to replace it with a bigger one, but haven't had to yet. I play a game, install it, beat it, delete it. Next.

Piratethom, only the outer edges of DVD's are remarkably faster than BLuray, which have a constant read speed throughout the disk.

Guys, developers taking advantage of the HD. We are complaining? You want 80GBs of just tiny little game saves? Yeah I know, music and videos, but it is a game console. Use the HDD for games, to it's advantage.

boodybandit4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )

It has nothing to do with people being fanboys as to why they are disagreeing with you. They are probably just as tired as I am of hearing people complain about installs. Most don't care that they have to install games to their hard drive. When you are done with the game you simply delete the install. It's not like you lose your save files if you ever want to play the game again down the road. Install info and save info is in different folders on the PS3.

I almost never go back to a game once I am done with it. Besides if you are one of those people that don't want to delete an install simply purchase a bigger hard drive. They are easy to install and inexpensive. I have a 250gig drive in my PS3 which cost -$100.

permutated4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )


It's a huge problem, it takes time and space, something that I thought we left when I switched from PC to console gaming.

People have differing opinions, respect that. The fact of the matter is, installs should only be optional, and they shouldn't be so large if your hard drive is small. Most people don't have the extra money, time, or interest to buy and replace the hard drive. You're forgetting that alot of console owners aren't hardcore gamers, so they can install 5 or 6 games tops on their 20 gig drive. That seems like a great disservice to the growing library.

boodybandit4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )

People do have different opinions and I do respect that. I don't go around calling them fanboys because they disagree with my opinion like you did.

Installs are not a problem for me or anyone else I know. They usually help with load times, pop up, draw distances, frame rates, etc... I see less people complaining about the installs then complaining that there are installs.

Read the manual while you are waiting or grab a snack and a beverage. Once you are done with the game it takes a few seconds to delete an install off of your hard drive. If the install helps, which most do, why complain about them? I don't mind installs, most gamers I know don't mind them either and it appears that most PS3 owners "here" don't mind them.

You don't care for them. Ok. But you don't need to fan flames with rude remarks because others don't share your opinion.

permutated4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )

You know, normally I would agree with you, but honestly, what positives could you possibly try to argue about wasting (time and) space on small hard drives?

If it were something objective, like which version of a game has better controls, I wouldn't voice such a strong opinion because it's objective.

This instance is not.

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Varsarus4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )

Why the hell, can't they put it as optional?


Install's don't remove pop-in or increase framerate, only lowers loading times.

LinuxGuru4721d ago

Wrong. Installs CAN help SEVERELY reduce pop-in (reading from the hard drive is faster than streaming data from the disc). Also, because streaming any type of data from the hard drive is faster, frame-rate can DEFINITELY be improved, due to faster data throughput.

PirateThom4721d ago

Actually, the installs are to help with data streaming because the Blu-ray drive is slower than DVD.

The data streams from the fast hard drive rather than the optical drive, meaning it can improve loading which can reduce pop in and texture loading.

LinuxGuru4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )

Actually, if a 360 game is on a dual-layer disk, then the DVD drive read speed is limited to 8X, which is slower than the Blu-ray drive's 2X data throughput.

Also, don't forget that the the 360 almost never reads at maximum speed, due to the structure of data storage on DVDs.

Blu-ray reads at the same exact rate on all areas of the disk, so there are MANY occasions where the Blu-ray is actually CONSIDERABLY faster than DVD.

Please don't become part of the group of people that are like "Blu-ray is teh slowness!111!!!!11 DVD are teh FAST!!!!one!~111"

That would just show your ignorance to the real facts about the technology.

PirateThom4721d ago

Meh, I've had this out so many times and I have to be honest, if given the option, I would install all games to the HDD, because it reduces wear on the optical drive be it DVD or Blu-ray.

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ghostface4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )

Its just for that reason alone that i'm waiting for the 80gig ps3. I came so close to just getting the 40gig, but with all the installs with most of the ps3 games its just not worth it. I know you can buy a hard drive, but can you buy backward compatibility?

Lookbehind4721d ago

if 20-40 gigers are so worried about it buy 250 gig samsung for 80 bucks..that's all mine cost.So after the Haze install i'll only have 174 gig left on my hd :(.

Takes only 10 minutes to put a new hd in just make sure you back it up and it also backs up Rock Band and Lost Planet game saves if anyone was wondering.