How To: Properly Read and Write Reviews For Apps & Games

These days, buying a game or program based off of what the box or store cleric says about it sounds archaic, now days you’re able to view hundreds if not thousands of reviews online or in app stores. With the advancement in technology and review sections in things like the App Store or Google’s Play Market, you’d think we’d have a good success rate of only buying apps that we’ll likely enjoy or get good use out of, unfortunately though, it seems these days it’s much too common to purchase an app only to find it’s nothing like you thought.

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BABY-JEDI2183d ago

I find getting the spelling correct is really useful.
; )

BABY-JEDI2183d ago

Being positively informative is also really good. There is nothing worse than having an article saying 'amazing new info on game X' then all you get is three lines of text describing the picture & nothing else. No game play info. No character info. No info on environments, progression ect. Always inform