News on Halo, "New, Announced, Unannounced and Unexpected" Xbox One Games Coming at E3 -Phil Spencer

Microsoft Games Studio head honcho Phil Spencer shared today a few more information on what you can expect from Microsoft at E3.

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lonewolfjedi2189d ago

hopefully ms wont strong arm multiplat devs to only show games on xbox this year's e3

Nero13142189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

I'm no fanboy but that's all sony did last e3 :

Edit: well they both did but Sony did more

SoapShoes2189d ago

Uh Sony had their fair share of exclusives too spread out through different events. They both did but don't act like Sony didn't bring anything to the table, that's just ridiculous.

Rimeskeem2189d ago

Sony has a lot and i mean probably over a dozen games in the making to show at E3

Prime1572189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Wait, you mean you didn't like the call of duty, call of duty, call of duty, tv, tv ,tv, dog, call of duty, tv, sports, sports, sports, call of duty, .type of e3 last year?

(small print halo 5, quantum break, black tusk-that-isn't-original-i p and more as in both did similar things) e3 they had last year?

Seriously, fanboys, they showed the same amount of exclusives... only one showed the genetic third parties...

UltimateMaster2188d ago

He said different events.
They showed a lot of Vita exclusive at Gamescom.
A lot of the exclusives on PS4 was showcased at the PS4 reveal. The Order 1886 @E3. Uncharted 4 @PS4 launch.
So yeah, define "Multiple Events" people who disagree.

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Gozer2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

"Strong arm", wtf are you talking about? Are you jealous or something? I bet the games being shown on Xbox has more to do with the fact that E3 is an American presentation and the Xbox is an American console, other than any kind of conspiracy theory you are asserting. Would be like me complaining that sony shows more games at TGS than MS.

No hes trolling MS.

SoapShoes2189d ago

He just wants them to have a good E3, why do you have to put down people that want Microsoft to do well?

Prime1572189d ago

Soap, they both showed a lot of first and third party exclusives, he was trolling and you bought in.

Psygnosis3332189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

and Deep Down
Edit: wrong reply,sorry

OpieWinston2189d ago

I'm sorry, did you watch Sonys E3 conference?
Arkham Origins
Elder Scrolls Online

At Microsofts E3 we saw MGSV. WHAT A STRONG ARM!

SoapShoes2189d ago

They both did it. Nothing wrong with it so I don't see his point. lol

GamingNerd0132189d ago

I know right people act like sony e3 wasn't good I mean hello besides the PS4 being 400$ wich alone pretty much made sony win E3 their were KH3,FFXV, for the fist time distany gameplay , then showing exclusives content only on PS4 and PS3 like AC4 Arkham origins watch dogs distany and much more in way sony e3 was more exciting and better with what they showed then MS.

-Foxtrot2189d ago

I think a lot of people are forgetting Sony's PS4 reveal conference had games aswell...Microsoft's reveal didn't.

avengers19782189d ago

Since you brought up MGS V, it is going to be better on PS4

TheRedButterfly2189d ago


*Dualshock 4 reveal

CYCLEGAMER2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

@SoapShoes AND @Foxtrot

You guys are delusional, Sony showed The Order Infamous, knack, and the rest was multiplates, social features, policy talk vita and ps3 stuff.

The xbox one showed NOTHING BUT GAMES, KI, DR3 Ryse, Forza, Halo, Quantum break, Fable, Sunset Overdrive, PvZ, D4, Kinect sports, Project Spark, Titanfall, etc... and maybe 2 multiplates, Metal gear and COD. Please watch it again if you forgot. MS KILLED Sony in the games department last year and Sony KILLED MS with it policies and price. THATS EXACTLY HOW E3 2013 WENT DOWN.

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dasbeer882189d ago

That's what MS said last year, and the year before, and the year before before. What new and unannounced and unexpected crap are going to be announced in this E3 event?

theWB272189d ago

"What new and unannounced and unexpected crap are going to be announced in this E3 event?"

Games that either weren't in development or weren't ready to be shown last E3 and the year before, and the year before before...maybe?

AngelicIceDiamond2189d ago

@dasbeer Its amazing how many people here at N4G really didn't pay attention to MS E3 last year.

Where do you think Ryse, Deadrising 3, Forza 5, Titanfall Plants VS Zombies, Killer Instinct came from?

Do I really need to link the full show to so you can watch?

Biggest2189d ago

I know that Ryse and Deadrising came from the 360 a year or two earlier, but I suppose that since they switched them to Xbone we could pretend that they were new, unannounced games. Forza 5, Forza 6, Forza 7, etc. . . We know they are coming. Not much of a reveal is necessary.

Abriael2189d ago

You do understand that often the "strong arming" goes both ways, and publishers actually offer to both MS and Sony in order to get exposure?

UnHoly_One2189d ago

I want Phantom Dust!!!!!


True_Samurai2189d ago

Darn you sir you brought back my childhood memories :-'( mechassault, phantom dust, conker, damn I had a good childhood *fights back tears*

UnHoly_One2189d ago

And you just made me feel old, because I was 26 playing that game. lol

lifeisgamesok2189d ago

We pretty much know for sure Quantum Break, Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends will be shown

Phantom Dust, Crackdown 3, Mechassault, and Lost Odyssey 2 would be so hard to beat

Alan_Shore2189d ago

Both will show plentiful new ips and multiplats I hope.

avengers19782189d ago

My guess for MS at E3
Halo 5 though I doubt we will see gameplay
Sunset overdrive with game play
Quantum break with game play
Fable in some form
TitanFall even though it will have been out for awhile
Talk about features, the cloud, media features, games with gold coming to XB1
The new COD

They may take the approach of this being a "second" launch of the system, a place were they can say what the new policies are, cause they did reverse some of the less popular policies. If possible they may want to bring back that game sharing feature they had, from people I know that was one of the most exciting things from the XB1.

They might show a kinect centric game.

n4rc2189d ago

One Dev was just saying ms has a bunch of cool new features in the pipeline but can't disclose what they are, obviously..

I'm guessing halo and sunset overdrive along with quantum break as well.. Plus a few teasers of unannounced games and the future updates to xbox one..

I didn't see the negative reaction some claim was' e3 made me go out and preorder my x1 the next day.. So I'm hoping for more of the same..

Sad that a couple games I want aren't happening anytime soon, if at all.. Borderlands and BioShock.. Maybe a new batman would be nice

3-4-52189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Somebody show the Dev's at 343 a copy of Halo 2 multiplayer so they can ACTUALLY MAKE SOME GOOD MAPS FOR A CHANGE.

95% of the maps in Halo 2, are better than any Halo map that came after it.

The other 5% reside within Halo 3 & Reach.

Halo 4 was trash. ( maps)

* Also, shipping with 9 maps Wasn't acceptable LAST Gen. Don't make the same mistake again 343. Otherwise you will have proven you don't care.

Kemistri2189d ago

I'm not entirely sure where you guys are getting this impression from but the reason why the majority of the games were demoed on the PS4 was simply because Sony was able to get their dev kits out earlier and faster to more studios. These same studios had a chance to start working with their xb1 dev kits a few months after from my understanding.

So the unfortunate nature was that Microsoft took longer to get their kits out and also there were driver issues, sdk updates, etc. It was a fast moving target.

This was already widely talked about during last years original game reveals.

TyBREAKR2189d ago

Did anyone notice masterchief had a poncho on?

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Tmitmp42189d ago

June is just too far away, I have a feeling XB1 will have an amazing showcase.

SockeyBoy2189d ago

Same here. I feel Sony has really pushed with their exclusives in the last couple of years, I think MS will start doing the same. Phil Spencer said that MS has never had so many games in development than now. Bring on E3 2014.

Bonkerz2189d ago

MS has passed my expectations in the "games" department by miles. Coming from a 360 i did not expect them to come so strong with this type of lineup. I must say they are doing an incredible job, and i cannot wait for E3.

SoapShoes2189d ago

Yeah considering the 360 has been a deflating balloon since 2010 and completely dead in games last year and this year, they have upped their ante. Hopefully they get off of this "media" focus and deliver on the games.

Bonkerz2189d ago

Are you serious? Since the launch of X1 it has been constant game announcements in fact i havent even heard much about the media stuff. It is a GAMING console it just happens to be able to do a ton of other stuff. MS is doing an incredible job with the X1, i could not be happier.

BX812189d ago

@soapshoes. Where have you been bro? Ms has been talking about games mostly.

Prime1572189d ago

The image above means that ms is holding back!

Geekman2189d ago

That's good. Lower the price to $350 and get me some Gears of War, and I might buy an Xbox One.

OpieWinston2189d ago

There is no "might buy an Xbox One"
Microsoft is probably going to lower the price a bit but not to $350.
They'll do exactly what Sony did last generation...Continue to pump out strong First party and third party games in order to keep people buying consoles and software.

The under dog status has shifted and Gears wont hit for another 2-3 years.

Geekman2189d ago

When you have 6 Wii U games to buy and 5 PS4 games to buy, yes, there is a "Might Buy an Xbox One."

Prime1572189d ago

Wait, you think the 360 was the underdog system? I think it was crazy strong...

beerzombie2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

With Titanfall and Evolve coming Its going to be a good year to play on X1."Dedicated servers" I think once the word gets out on how smooth it is to play online on X1 people will come.