Ultimate Mortal Kombat II In The Works

Rudolf van Wyk writes: "The fatalities will sound again amid the adrenaline-filled roars of competitive and casual arcade fighting lovers alike, because a completely re-balanced hack called Ultimate Mortal Kombat II is in production which will make its debut soon. Keep in mind that this is fan-made and not officially from Midway or Netherrealm Studios."

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jay22182d ago

Cool, should be good, I want the new MK Keitha leaked though

Yi-Long2182d ago

Just bought Mortal Kombat in last week's 360 sale.

I do hope this time the character-models and the animation will look a lot better.

CorndogBurglar2182d ago

Aside from the ridiculously awesome reboot that came out a couple years ago, MK2 was by far the best MK game.

This could be cool

CEOSteveBallmer2182d ago

SHao Khan's voice: Superb!, Excellent! Toasty!! :)