Does Infamous: Second Son Actually Follow Infamous 2′s Evil Ending?

Kenneth Shepard writes: "Seeing that Sucker Punch decided to canonize one ending when they’d done a decent enough job not doing so between the original Infamous and Infamous 2 was very disappointing. In a way I felt like I’d been robbed of my vision of the character of Cole MacGrath, that my version of him was the “lesser” or “fake.”"

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marcodias2191d ago

infamous 2 good ending mentions that people with conduit genes start dying all over the world not all people with the gene start dying, that pretty much makes it all believable that some survived, due to the beast destruction, people started to doubt and emprison conduits.
the cole legacy Dlc for infamous second son will brief us i all the details we are missing

jay22191d ago

See this articles right, it doesn't make sense.

-Foxtrot2191d ago

Is anyone actually surprized they went with the good ending, they went with the good ending in the first game so I don't see why they wouldn't for inFAMOUS Second Son.

Cole is supposed to be a good guy, the evil path is optional so they don't force you to be on one path.

I mean considering the fact in the evil ending Conduits take over and lead a rebellion against humans I highly doubt Second Son after showing the Government being in control and cracking down against conduits is the evil ending.

alexg5872191d ago

This article was a good read...and i think it would be cool but i think they found a way to make 2nd son connect with the good ending maybe there was another incident that recreated condiuts again who knows...dam u march 21st u too far!!!!

Sevir2191d ago

The Ending for infamous were very similar! So going evil or good still had little impact to the events for I2... Kessler warned of the Beast, and I2 was preparing for the arrival of the Beast! The twist is the Beast arrived Sooner than rather than later so the search to become stronger became the central plot.

I2's endings were written well, and very different compared to Infamous... The Developers chose I2's Good ending because more people played and completed the good ending. The evil ending was actually what was written as canon, but because of trophy data they chose the good ending.

Now the RFI inhibitor was to kill all conduits alive! Even the ones who didn't know! The effects were far reaching, but it didn't kill everyone. Secondly, not all people who have the gene are conduits, there are some who simply pass the gene to their offspring, like genetic illnesses, Mothers are carriers but passes the gene illness to there sons who end up being reactive... Sucker punch wrote the universe to have many stories. Instead of getting up in arms about the story, preorder the game and play the Cole's Lagacy DLC that prefaced the 7 years that leads to Second Son!