DayZ creator: Xbox One has "exciting things" coming, can't share details.

If comments from DayZ creator Dean Hall are anything to go by, it sounds like Microsoft is cooking up some exciting new features for the Xbox One. After meeting with Microsoft to discuss a console version of DayZ, Hall said he got to see some "really interesting" features coming to the platform, though he's not allowed to discuss them just yet.

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Gozer3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Keep the features coming MS. So glad I own an X1.

@bolts and rays
Nothing wrong with owning both. I personally am not interested in the ps4 though. I like MSs exclusives over sonys.

Bolts-N-Rays11093791d ago

I'm glad I own one, as well. Though, I'll be glad when I get my PS4, too. I kinda like playing games.

CynicalKelly3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

>I kinda like playing games.

That seems like a jab. Pretty uncalled for, Xbox is at least doing games right so far, there is plenty of play on the system.

Edit: Ah, I see. My bad, yeah, being able to play the best of both worlds is a fantastic position to be in.

Bolts-N-Rays11093791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )


I didn't attend for it to be a jab! I just meant I like playing all the games.

XB1 has a lot of really good games, and like I said I'm glad I own the system.

scott1823791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

That was a jab from you as well, I'm pretty sure Sony is doing games right too. Depends on your taste in games... Neither systems launch exclusives scored high on meta.

No_Limit3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

"I kinda like playing games"

Me too, that is why I bought the XB1 a month ago with Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and looking forward to Titanfall and Project Spark soon.

I also have a PS4, bought it at launch and haven't touch it in a month because I like playing games and the PS4 is in a drought right now.

JodyCones3791d ago

I don't need need an xbox to say I like playing games.

Pogmathoin3791d ago

I like playing games too.... From Atari, Spectrum, Amiga,ST, C64 through nearly all of the consoles.... Then I found out some machines were more powerful than the other, but the fun never changed on any......

malokevi3791d ago

That didn't sound like a jab to me. I like playing games, too! Which is why I broke the bank.

sak5003791d ago


Same here, atari 2600, c64, amiga500, PC 486, pentium 90, voodoo cards 4mb in pc, ps1, ps2, 360 and xbox one.

we didn't have this rampant fanboy problems back then. Due to net's anonymity even fat pimply kids can write so much negative things about something they dont like and think the world thinks the same way. Luckily n4g is only a negligible percentage of people and their opinions dont mean jack in real world, let them pray to $ony Gods and put MS down but MS are still doing better than these stupid people are writing about.

UncleGermrod3791d ago

@bolts, I got x1 first, but the best thing I ever did was jump on ps4 early. Now I do not need to miss out on anything, and the "console wars" do not exists in my realm.

Still, I love my x1, and this type of news has been more prominent lately. I always had a feeling that once the x1 hit the market and things began to flesh out a bit, that MS would show us plenty of reasons to have one.

DOMination-3790d ago

I think people like playing games

Shiken3790d ago

PS4 console generation exclusive games out (That I like):

Killzone Shadowfall
Don't Starve
DC Universe Online

XBone (same concept):

Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct
Forza 5
Crimson Dragon

PS4 2014

Infamous Second Son
MLB The Show
The Order 1886
Final Fantasy XIV
Deep Down (maybe)
Planetside 2

XBone 2014

Titanfall (sequel probably on PS4 as well)
Project Spark
Halo 5 (maybe?)
Fable Legends (maybe?)

PS4 Post 2014

Uncharted 4
Everybody's Gone to Rapture

XBone Post 2014

Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive

Both consoles have things yet to announce and have good things to come. XBots are fools for saying PS4 has no games and PS4 fanboys are insecure and pathetic. People will get what they like, deal with it. There is nothing wrong with liking XBone.

Why I chose PS4...

Despite what XBots say, PS4 has more quality games in the making than XBone IMO (in sheer numbers alone regardless of quality is FACT) and launch line ups were pretty evenly matched. Furthermore I love 3rd party games as well, and getting the best version on those games is a huge plus. The PS+ value is just the icing on the cake.

MS is bringing the heat though (which I love). This competition is only going to push Playstation to continue delivering the quality titles I love to stay on top. As of right now, Titanfall and Quantum Break are all that the One has that could be a console seller (not a Halo fan), and the PS4 has so much on the way in the big picture that I won't have time to utilize both fully. Nothing against XBone, but for me PS4 is just better as a long term investment and I'm not dropping 500 (or even another 400) for just two games.

Fanboys grow up, people have tastes and the competition is a GOOD THING. Not sure what I can say on the matter other than I am excited to see what the XBone has to offer, even as a Playstation fan.

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christocolus3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I cant wait to see what ms brings to E3. Its going to be a great show, below is Phils recent comment on twitter regarding what to expect at E3.

@StonecoldMC E3 planning is looking good, will have a lineup of new, announced, unannounced and hopefully unexpected.

"Unexpected" now thats what i want to see...

danthegamerfiend3791d ago

Hell yeah guys. Very happy to own my Xbox one. Being a beta user for the new dashboard update. You could say we are in a great hands. The new party system is great!

DEEBO3791d ago

so what does the update offer? i just DL today i know i can brodcast now with twitch but what else does it do?
I was shock MS let me in the preview update program.

danthegamerfiend3791d ago

The update brought in a party system similarly to the xbox 360 but better. It doesnt involve having to jump to one screen and then having to turn on party chat manually. They have provided more options with inviting people in the party system. whether it is to game together or just party up and chat together. The friends list also has been revamped as well. They made getting to your friends list one click away versus three clicks. If you set up your favourites, it makes even easier to track them. I find overall the dashboard laggs less and there are more audio settings in the settings. For me these have been big changes and im glad the team is listening to us and making those changes.

tontontam03791d ago

I like ps4 exclusives games over ms, but I like games and I'm willing to spend $500 just to play ms exclusive games.

ps4 for multiplats for superior resolution.
xbox one for exclusive games that I can't play on my pc and ps4.

GW2123791d ago

Yup, totally agree. I have my PS4 plugged into a gaming monitor and Astro A50 headset. XB1 is plugged into my TV.

PS4 for most of my gaming, XB1 for some exclusives and media.

Isn't that the way each wanted their console to come across to the consumer market?

Zombro3791d ago

Me to bro me to I have both but not to sound like a fan boy ps4 is covered in dust plantsvs zombie garden warfare is so fun

ger23963791d ago

Why don't you sell it? With its high demand, you could recoup some of your money.

Bigpappy3791d ago

I like when people buy and play games that peak their interest. Tell those 'pro reviewer': "go play what you like and I will do the same". Reviews are gamers, not all of us have the same taste. I would read and acknowledge their opinions, but I how when I comment, after playing it myself, they offer me the same courtesy... commence holding breath.

Zombro3791d ago

I'm sure games are gonna come out for it

Rimeskeem3791d ago

"I like MS exclusives over sonys"

maybe on the xbox one but if you are saying that about xbox 360 then something is wrong with you

beerzombie3791d ago

Not if you online shooters over linear story telling.

Rimeskeem3789d ago


thing is doing linear story telling right is much more of a complete game then doing an online shooter right