Use The Famous Konami Code In Bravely Default To Unlock A Special Movie

Add another title to the Konami Code resume.

If you’ve ever played the side-scrolling action shooters Contra or Gradius for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), you’re likely familiar with the famous Konami code: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. YouTube user Shmiam recently figured our that the classic code can be used on Bravely Default‘s main menu to unlock a special movie that uses the 3DS system’s gyroscope for added interactivity.

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Cryptcuzz2189d ago

Wow this is cool. Not sure if i want to try this out just yet, since I've barely started playing the game.

I got the game a few days ago, but then I found out you could get some items and perks for playing and completing the demo. Almost 3 hours later I finally finished and competed all tasks in the demo. No idea why I spent so much time leveling up and grinding when it's just the demo lol.

I'm loving this game.