Does Nintendo Have A Virtual Future With The Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift can't seem to stop making the headlines these days and neither can Nintendo. As rumors persist of its console brethren making the dive into the VR race, should Nintendo be placing a stake in the long-term in the future of gaming?

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SpiralTear2182d ago

Not sure. There aren't many series in Nintendo's immediate library that are too VR-friendly (or even first-person), but if any company can adapt to unique hardware like this, it's Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor2182d ago

I wouldn't mind playing games like majoras mask with that.

Just having a great sense of visual depth can also add to the experience.

Geekman2182d ago

Perhaps Kid Icarus and Zelda, but I wouldn't really wanna play platformers with the Oulus. (Floculus Bird. Ugh.)

wonderfulmonkeyman2182d ago

I know the Rift is waaaaaaay more powerful and waaaaaay better, but isn't this just another Virtual Boy situation?
I mean, that's what would immediately pop into mind if people saw Nintendo try to integrate with it.

Not saying I wouldn't want to fly around as Wing Cap Mario for a while, but still...

SpiralTear2182d ago

VR Wing Cap Mario sounds like the best thing ever, but also the most nauseating.

catch2181d ago

I immediately imagined a virtual nintendo theme park. I would love to see that.