How to install another OS on your PS3!

It only takes four easy steps to install another system software on the hard disk of your PS3. Yeah, you heard us right! Not only can you swap 2.5" SATA HDD, you can change the operating system (OS) software. Of course, you need compatible third-party software: but we're still waiting for more details on that ( just says "details will be posted soon").

But, just so you know, here's how you'd do it:

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Boink4456d ago

ps3 hacked before it's even out. should make ps3 piracy rampant, and therefore cost sony even more money, cause they will make less from the sale of games.

especially makes it easier to hack it to play copied blu-ray movies. that will make the movie studies happy...poor sony. :(

mephixto4455d ago

Man what do you think make the PS2 and PS1 so popular? Piracy.

DEIx15x84455d ago

So the xbox is the most popular console. The xbox was the only system with the ability to install an OS on last gen because of the hard drive. The PS2 didn't have that hack ability

calderra4455d ago

PS1 and PS2 were utterly un-hackable compared to the Xbox. Xbox was running Linux and SNES emulators BEFORE launch. Heh.

FordGTGuy4456d ago

I bought a PC and I can run any OS I want on it ohh wait it doesn't even cost 600$. Well I geuss the PS3 really isn't worth it.

D R Fz4456d ago

O wait, we can't? Well I guess your non-triple core and non-cell PC wasn't worth anything to begin with. The moral of this story is, know what your saying before you bother to say it.

FordGTGuy4456d ago

the point of this article is that you can install different OSs on a console trying to make it look like a computer. While I can spend less money and get my own computer. BTW I don't need a cell and triple core to run windows and I don't have to play GOW or RFOM when I am just surfing the interenet then i'll get on my 360 and play games.

wildcat4456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

is to inform us even more of how the PS3 has can be used for various things on top of gaming. I mean installing a different OS on the system is optional and its fully functional without a new one. Plus, if your PC didn't cost you at least $600, then I'm doubting how good of a PC you have.

specialguest4456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

and what's bad about being able to install different OS on a gaming system? you guys are always coming around and trying to add a negative spin to everything good huh? hahaha it started with the motion sensing, then 1080p, and now this. hahahahahh

FordGTGuy4456d ago

well lets see. 1. consoles are built for gaming not to be a computer 2. OS take CPU power to run taking away from gaming. 3. making the system more open to hackers, viruses, and cracks. You can make yourself a computer that will run different OSs for under 600$. and stop messing with my name 'special'guest.

wildcat4456d ago

Do you think many people are going to make their own computers just to install different OS's on it. I think that a lot of people trust manufactured products and I don't see what the problem with being able to install different OS's on the PS3. It just gives you more options. If the 360 could do that, I know you wouldn't complain now would you.

jwatt4456d ago

"well lets see. 1. consoles are built for gaming not to be a computer."

Come on now, that was the old days. Console are becoming more like computers, you can connect all kinds of ipods,pc accessories to the 360. Thats like saying I didn't like the first xbox because it had a harddrive which made it more like a computer, If anything it made it better.

"2.OS take CPU power to run taking away from gaming."

I pretty sure Sony said the os will not be running during gameplay.

"3. making the system more open to hackers, viruses, and cracks. You can make yourself a computer that will run different OSs for under 600$."

Are you REALLY concerned for hackers and viruses? You might not care but there will be alot of people looking at the ps3 as in alternative for a pc and I might add A very cheap Blu Ray player.

Tut4456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

Wait... the PS3 is a computer, too?!

Holy crap! The PS3 really CAN do everything! Now I don't have to buy a computer to surf the internet... I can buy a PS3 and get really cool console-specific games too!!!

WOOOOO! Thank you Sony!!!

Moral: Reread what you write, because what you said MIGHT actually be a good thing overall to the majority of consumers.

jwatt4456d ago

I was hoping this was one of the ps3 features that would come true because I was looking into getting a faster computer but it would be better If I can use the ps3 as a gaming console and a pc. Big points for Sony, I didn't actually think they would do. Thank you Sony, thank you!

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