Interview: Reset’s Writer, Designer and Artist, Alpo Oksaharju

J Station X writes

"Robots do have minds. Not in the traditional sense; their innards are metallic and made of fraying wires and code most humans couldn’t understand, but they can feel and hurt and make decisions for themselves if we program them to do so, gifting them with relationships and smarts that even their mechanical pieces can understand.

That’s what’s afoot in Reset, a first person puzzle game that puts players into the shoes of a robot who must make their way through a mysterious sci-fi story, working co-operatively with themselves to do so. Reset is ambitious and enthralling and to find out more, we’ve interviewed Alpo Oksaharju, Reset’s Designer and Artist and one half of Theory Interactive, the team behind the game."

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webeblazing2181d ago

do pc devs have to do everthing