GamesBeat: Murdered: Soul Suspect turns a ghost story into a fascinating game (hands-on preview)

Square Enix and developer Airtight Games are taking their time with Murdered: Soul Suspect, an original mystery game for the newest generation of consoles and the PC. They unveiled the game at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo video game trade show, and now they’re giving a hands-on peek at the first hour or so of the title.

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deantak2181d ago

hope the rest of the game is good too.

NagaSotuva2181d ago

Love a good ghost story.

darkronin2292181d ago

I like AAA-projects that take a chance on something new. Hopefully this turns out well.

ExitToExisT2181d ago

While i always support new IP's i believe it is very stupid of Square Enix to fund a project like this but cancel Kane & Lynch 3 in terms of business.

A mediocre K&L game manages to sell above 1 million and a decent one would easily sell 2-3 million while this game will have a hard time reaching 1 million in sales even it would get high scores because it is a new IP and might not interest majority of gamers.

Bonkerz2181d ago

This is supposed to be released in june right? Or was i readnig something different. Im really excited about this game, love this kind of genre.