You can Get Titanfall's Xbox One Bundle for £280 at Game by Trading-in a PS3 or 360 and Five Games

Looks like retailers in the UK are doing whatever they can to sell as many units as possible of the new Titanfall Xbox One bundle, and after the large discounts offered by the local branch of GameStop, Game is countering with a new trade-in offer.

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Kayant2190d ago

Only seems worth it if you are completely abandoning your X360 to go fully current-gen because you can always can get TF on X360.

ArchangelMike2188d ago

Not worth the trade in with the current games drought. Titanfall will but a good game, but seeing as you can get it for the 360, you might as well save yourself the £280.

babis19742190d ago

i think i'm going to keep my ps3!!!

Ricegum2190d ago

For some reason, I thought it was trade in 360 + 5 games for the bundle and I got really excited.

Yeah this isn't worth it. I'll just keep the 360 and play TF on that.

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The story is too old to be commented.