The Mass Effect Collection is Available for 75% off Today on Steam

If you’ve somehow missed out on playing any of the Mass Effect games then you may want to get in on this deal. For today, Steam is offering the trilogy for $9.99 which is 75% off the usual price.

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MidnytRain2180d ago

RedCloud88 below is right. You can get all THREE games on Amazon for 12 bucks. Here:

--Onilink--2179d ago

The trilogy edition is still a shitty deal if you are looking for the whole ME experience, even for that price. There practically no DLCs included (just for ME1 and Zaeed from ME2).

None of the DLCs have ever been discounted from Origin/Bioware Store and to get all the DLCs missing you would be easily spending over $60...

I cant even imagine how they had the nerve to charge so much for it initially

MidnytRain2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


The combined MSRP for these games is at least 150 USD, for 12 bucks. In what world is that shitty... Don't think it's gonna get any cheaper than that, bub.

--Onilink--2179d ago

ME1 is $5, ME2 is $7, ME 3 is already about $15 and the price will continue to drop. How on earth is that $150.

The least we can expect when they are simply repackaging 5-6 years old games, is that they will take into account that they are no longer priced at $60 and include the freaking DLC that was released such a long time ago.

This Trilogy version is the farthest i've seen of a definitive version come out in a long time. You cant possibly believe that anyone should pay $100+ for the entire ME experience after so much time has passed since they were out. Its a cash grab because they know that DLC has never been discounted.

Only at $11 this trilogy makes some kind of sense, but not because its a good deal, only because when you factor all the DLC that you have to buy, you get what the regular price should have been when it came out

MidnytRain2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


Do you not know what "MSRP" means?

I'm still stuck on the fact that you're calling Amazon's deal shitty, when they're selling it for less than *everyone else.* That's the opposite of a shitty deal. That's the *best* deal. Your math comes out to 27 bucks. Okay...that's still more than 12.

1m1878282175d ago

Quite reasonably priced. As for the DLC, well, $60 dollars is chump change, depending on your income.

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Snookies122180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I don't see anywhere where it states it's the trilogy. All I see is that they're offering Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 for $9.99. Doesn't include ME3, which isn't on Steam anyway.

lets_go_gunners2180d ago

God damn steam.....I bought mass effect 2 the other day....No it's on I don't even feel bad cause it was awesome.

RedCloud882180d ago

Mass effect trilogy on pc is listed on Amazon for $11.99

Software_Lover2180d ago

I wish Mass Effect PC would use the 360 controller. I'm so used to playing this series with that controller. I did buy the pc version years ago though to support the devs. Steam and Origin sales FTW.

SteamPowered2180d ago

I can only back you on half that last sentence. I love steam, but Im not a big fan of Origin or Uplay.
I could never play this game without the controller. Luckily Steam is getting more and more controller support with the Big Picture Mode.

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The story is too old to be commented.