Xbox One Needs A Much Steeper Price Cut To Compete With PS4, Says Analyst

iGR: "Recently, Microsoft announced that, as of February 28th, the price of Xbox One over in the UK will be £30 cheaper than it was three months ago. North American residents will also have the opportunity to pick up a Titanfall bundle while supplies last, effectively knocking $59.99 off the suggested MSRP. With that in mind, I asked analyst Michael Pachter if such a price cut, or free game bundle, would be enough for Xbox One to overtake PS4 in terms of sales."

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DEEBO2189d ago

400 to 350 is the magic number I got one for 300. Best deal ever!

Titanfall 3/11/14

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skoorydook2189d ago

Someone could buy a second hand 360 for less than £100 that can play the same game.

OC_MurphysLaw2189d ago

Yes they could buy a second hand Xbox 360 and get the ported version of the game for somewhere around £140 cause you have to count the cost of the game. They also have the option of getting for £399 a new Xbox One new as well as the game. Lots of options...I say get what works for you if you are so inclined.

skoorydook2189d ago


That's kind of the point I was making, what difference does it make if it's the ported version though, isn't it the same game ?

OC_MurphysLaw2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Given "0" press people have actually seen what Titanfall on 360 looks like I dont think anyone can say definitely its the same game at this point. Hence my "port" comment.

edit: so to your point skoordook yes the cheap 360 is most certainly an option. I guess I am just not sure a £140 purchase for a 2nd hand system and game is money well spent as the next gen consoles are taking root.

pupa2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

It's all they got. Remember with the XBox360 the Microsoft modus operandi was to starve the Xbox owners from games and then now and then release a sequel (or new IP based on an old sequel like titanfal) then overhype the game and get massive sales from those owners in need of a new game to justify their investment. The same trend seems to be taping shape again.

Now add to the fact that all skill levels are dropped to a point where any noob can score "big" and you sit with a "fun" experience like in Titanfal (ie COD clone with mechs). Luckily I can get the better experience on a PC near me soon so there is still no need for the XBone and I can use my skills in a more professional game like Killzone.

DEEBO2189d ago

Well titanfall is good game so yeah i'm looking forward it to come out but guess what i will be playing dark souls 2,infamous ss and MGGZ because i'm gamer not hater.

I'm loving the ps4 success but that doesn't mean i Can't play other games on different consoles,i'm not married to my ps4 bro lol

I just DL the COD maps but yet i'm here wasting time with little kids about nothing. Grow up just a little ok peace.

Take my bubbles i Don't care

medman2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

The ps3 holds a lead in worldwide sales over the 360 despite launching more than one full year later than the 360 and despite the red ring issue which artificially inflated sales of the 360 because many 360 gamers (myself included) bought another 360 when the warranty was up and microsoft would no longer repair the console, and the homemade fixes no longer worked. I bought my 360 first last gen, primarily because it had games I had to play, like Gears and Mass Effect. The multiplatform games also performed better on 360. I bought my ps3 later when the price dropped and I had to play games like MGS, God of War, and Uncharted. That script has completely flipped with the PS4 and xbone. Sony's first party devs are killing it with quality releases, and the multiplats perform and look better on ps4. Microsoft's first party games had slowed to less than a crawl late in the 360's life cycle. I had decided to pick up a ps4 first this gen largely based on the strength of their first party studios and the games they produce. The fact the console is more powerful is a happy bonus I quite frankly didn't expect. I expected Microsoft to spend whatever they had to to ensure technical superiority this time around, but that didn't happen despite them making a killing off gamers from xbox live gold subscriptions and doubling down in ad revenue from advertisers on that same service. Sony dominated sales in Europe and across much of the rest of the globe last gen. Microsoft had a few strongholds, the US being one of them. But considering Microsoft is now getting trounced in the US and UK, places where they were strong last gen, they have no chance of winning this gen as far as sales go. The rest of the world already preferred Sony's platform, and Sony dominating the US and UK early on this gen has to be troubling to Microsoft brass. So this pachter character suggesting Microsoft could "overtake" Sony with a price drop is beyond wishful thinking and he doesn't explain how that could even conceivably be a possibility. The rest of the world isn't going to start buying the xbone because of a price drop. They already prefer Sony's product, as they did last gen. A price drop would no doubt help in the US and UK, but many gamers look at what Sony offers and even if the price were equivalent, would still choose PS4. I know I would, and I did. At some point, I'm sure I'll buy an xbone for some of it's exclusives, as I've always owned numerous consoles, but not at 500 dollars, and certainly not for Titanfall. Maybe Halo, but the price has to drop.

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MightyNoX2189d ago

Sound advice, Pachter but since Microsoft laughed in your face when you advised them to offer a one year XBL membership, I doubt they'll listen.

EBTpickle2189d ago

Undercutting would be a huge deal, but that's an enormous price cut. They'd have to introduce a SKU minus Kinect for that to happen.

djplonker2189d ago

Yup and then after sonys success so far and the fact things get cheaper to produce there is no guarantee sony wont follow suit and offer a free game or $50/£50 off!

$350 was the lowest they could go at e3 I bet they can go lower now since they are shifting every unit they can make!

P.s as for the early adopter stuff I wouldn't care if they did lower the price or offer a free game to get more people on ps4 because more sales = more games (atleast it should!)

rainslacker2189d ago


If Sony can shift every unit they make at it's current price, there is no reason for them to drop it. If this changed due to a drastic price cut from MS, there is still no real reason for them to do so. Eventually sales will level off, but overall we probably won't see a PS4 price cut until the E3 after next.

I imagine a bundle package is in the cards though. Wouldn't doubt some big 3rd party title like Destiny or Watch Dogs, or maybe some big 1st party title coming out soon after E3.

OiNioB2189d ago

Analyst got M$ in this money hungry state in the first place. Listen to the consumers.

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