North American Final Titanfall Box Art Revealed

The final box art for Titanfall has been released by EA

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iosgamer2187d ago

The beta was good fun, but it didn't blow the MP experience into other dimension like I was expecting

Lawboy22187d ago

It was a was there so u could get a taste of what it could actually be...if u had fun using two maps and about 20% of the content imagine what the entire game is going to be like

kevinsheeks2187d ago

I hit level 14 and still kept playing so it's a buy for me on pc

Truehellfire2187d ago

Yeah I am debating buying it for PC too. It was pretty fun and that was just the beta. Still on the fence though.

iosgamer2187d ago

Yeah that's a fair enough statement Lawboy2. I'm certainly still excited for the release.

Lawboy22187d ago

@ kevin

That's how u can tell it's going to be great IMO...we literally saw just a snippet and it kept me coming back for over 30 hours btw the alpha and the beta

TheBurger292187d ago

Kind of a let down. Was hoping for something new, we have had this pic for a while now.

JeffGUNZ2187d ago

Makes sense. It will stand out to consumers in stores as its a familiar picture. I like it. I'm digitally downloading this game so I could care less haha.

fluxmulder2187d ago

That's a great piece of art, I'm glad they used it.

Convas2187d ago

YES! Hopefully the PC boxart keeps the 75 AWARDS WON off the cover and puts it on the back.

I'm OCD like that.

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