If You Have A Friend That's New To Dark Souls, Send Them This

Two things can happen if a Dark Souls newbie watches this video. One, they are gullible and go 'wow that truly is One Weird Trick to becoming good at Dark Souls'—meaning they're likely to dedicate the rest of the playthrough to trying to find a coconut. P

Or two, they catch on that all of the stuff about fruits is complete nonsense. Hopefully it's not the first, because Matt Lees is obviously not being serious here—and it's hilarious.

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jc485732181d ago

Coconut this coconut that.

darren_poolies2181d ago

Matt Lees is awesome, my favourite person in the games industry and easily the most entertaining!

kalbo142181d ago

message of the video is. Use your coconut when playing this game coz not everything will be easy. prepare to be challenged mentally lmao

NewAgeisHere2181d ago

If you have friend that's new to Dark souls, tell them: Prepare to Cry and send them tissues:):)

pandehz2181d ago

Friend of mine threw tissues at the screen after the controller missed it the first time.

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