Witch Beam: Xbox One “Performance Issues Are Amplified” By The Price Tag

iGR: "The talented folks over at Witch Beam Games are currently hard at work on the blistering twin-stick shooter Assault Android Cactus. Lately I’ve been catching the brothers Mishra on Twitter to exchange jabs, but I felt productive, so I actually sat down to write an email this time around. Since “Resolution-Gate” is such a hot button topic, I wanted to get Sanatana’s (Design Lead) opinion on the subject."

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amiga-man2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Of course it is, you don't normally pay more for less but thats exactly what you get with the xone, nobody argues anymore about the PS4 being the more powerful machine but to do it for less money is a major blow to the xone and impossible to argue against.

EBTpickle2192d ago

Microsoft may be starting to trend in the right direction with the Titanfall bundle and the UK price cut. Healthy competition is good for everyone :)

OC_MurphysLaw2192d ago

Agreed... competition is the consumers best friend.

raWfodog2192d ago

Quote from the article:
"Back in 2005 when Xbox 360 was announced, console gamers weren’t busting down doors at Activision to learn what frame-rate Call of Duty 2 would run at; those days are long gone."

There is truth in this as only lately (Generation 7) did frame-rate and resolution become such a hot-button issue between fanboys. I do believe that resolution should be sacrificed to provide for smoother gameplay but it doesn't look good when a developer doesn't have to sacrifice it on a competing console that costs $100 less.

rdgneoz32192d ago

I'm guessing you never saw the PS360 articles comparing multiplats on which looked better, less jaggies, or better frame rate? PS3 also got bashed for its price tag at the start. It's more of a case of what comes around, goes around. Only this time you get the articles from people saying graphics aren't everything when they said the opposite before (like Sessler).

FamilyGuy2192d ago

It's not completely true, I remember a lot of people interested in the resolution of 360 and PS3 game before* launch. PS3 in particular made a lot of claims that its games would not only be 1080p but that it would have a dual screen option, as in 2 HDMI out ports.

HD tvs were just becoming popular and every one with one was excited about the game resolutions so this statement isn't exactly true.
After release people didn't notice because they didn't know 360 games were being upscaled and with PS3 they became focused on everything else, namely the price, limited supply, blu-ray and the amount of games.

raWfodog2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

@ rdgneoz3 adnd FamilyGuy

"I'm guessing you never saw the PS360 articles comparing multiplats on which looked better, less jaggies, or better frame rate?"

"It's not completely true, I remember a lot of people interested in the resolution of 360 and PS3 game before* launch."

Yes, that's what I meant by Generation 7. That means PS3, 360, Wii. We're in gen 8 with the PS4 and XB1.

There were plenty of comparisons and back and forths, sure, but it was new to that generation and it wasn't talked about with such fervor as it is today.

lemoncake2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

This horse has well and trully been flogged to death, its been flogged so much that diamonds are beginning to form in its carcass due to the pressure. mmmm shiiinny diamooondss

raWfodog2192d ago

Maybe with enough bad press, MS will lower the XB1 here in the States too :)

That won't go over well with the early adopters here.

cell9892192d ago

yeah but this horse hasnt been beaten as badly as the PS3-cell-resolution-lower framerate-multiplat horse, that one holds the record for most gruesome beatdown

Volkama2192d ago

Well let's just keep an eye on it anyway. If the horse tries to move I want thee angry cactus guys on the phone to put it down ASAP.

rafaman2192d ago

Even if it was cheaper people would complain

Hicken2192d ago

Maybe people would complain less if the price were more in line with its performance?

cell9892192d ago

by that statement it should go for $349.99 as even without Kinect its still inferior in performance to the PS4, and that one goes for $399.99

LexHazard792192d ago

I think $399 is sweet spot with Kinect! $350 without!

rafaman2192d ago

Its just the nature of humankind to complain

AKissFromDaddy2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Agreed. It would have to be cheaper than Playstation 4, however, people would still complain about paying for inferior hardware when for a few more dollars, you could get a Playstation 4.

Unless Microsoft can construct an external device, for cheap, to improve Xbox One's graphic and resolution or a better version of Xbox One to start mixing into the market, it's a catch 22 if they raise or lower Xbox One's price. What do you think?

Personally, I wouldn't buy an Xbox One for myself, if they lowered the price. To capture me, Microsoft would need many, excellent, real exclusives. None of that, "It's also on PC and Xbox 360", and that's not going to happen, because Xbox has a budget for which they must make a respectable Operating income. What do you think?

I've never truly seen circumstances, for Microsoft, from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting conditions. Damned if keep the higher premium price, damned if you lower the higher premium price. If the resolution doesn't change, this will be a cringe-worthy generation for Microsoft, in my opinion.

What do you think?

Muerte24942192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Damn Hicken, damn..... those harsh truths

EBTpickle2192d ago

The internet makes it insanely easy to anonymously complain about literally everything. A price tag under $400 with or without Kinect would be great. It doesn't seem likely, based on what I've been told. We shall see, though.

rainslacker2192d ago

Dunno if MS cares if people complain so long as they still buy the system. After launch people could have complained till their faces were blue, but if MS saw pre-order numbers supporting good sales they wouldn't have cared how much people complained.

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bobacdigital2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Every day that MSFT is justifying the 100$ premium because of Kinect is another day they will have to battle the effects of the damage it caused when they do reduce it to the same levels as the ps4...

At that point the argument will be .. Well it is the same price now and it has a Kinect? Well the argument will still be that the PS4 has better graphics? And at the point that msft decides to lower the price of the X1 it will be far enough outside of the launch window that Sony will just drop their price to keep the pressure on...

Sony had a genius move (planned? or not?) with not bundling the new eye toy with the system and including twitch / streaming as core functionality...They have effectively sold the peripheral as a glorified webcam with a limited gaming library...

MSFT is in a really bad spot LONG term ... because they wont win on power.. and they cant win on price...

n4rc2192d ago

Well I disagree there.. They could sell Xbox ones for $20 and still make billions.. But the need to "win" isn't worth doing so..

But were not all buying graphics cards here.. Focusing simply on the areas you are leading while ignoring every other factor is short sighted.

Xbox live, kinect, HDMI in etc etc can all mean more to a consumer then worrying about native or upscaled 1080..

If fair to say its not more important to you.. But that isn't some universal truth that everyone needs to believe

Volkama2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

That's mean n4rc. You know the truth burns them.

Me, I don't want MS stripping features in order to go toe to toe with the PS4 on price. I want them to make those features shine, so the One can stand tall and justify it's place along side my other systems. It isn't going to push pixels like my PC can, but with Kinect and an Online focus (and Halo!) it could offer stuff my PC doesn't.

bobacdigital2192d ago

If MSFT is making the same amount of margin per console as Sony and selling less they are still losing. Based on sales reports the ps4 is selling at a rate of roughly 2 to 1 ... meaning more people will be signing up for PSN+ than xbox live...

Xbox Live has been losing its lead every single year that PSN+ is out and offering free games. PSN+ is a better value proposition and is a very similar online service..

The problem with the X1 is that it is a jack of all trades master of none device. And the one important thing it needed to be really good at is lacking when compared to the competition.

I can tell you first hand as a Wii U owner the little things like Kinect / HDMI in dont matter when taken into the scope of what the market wants which is speed and graphics... if little thigns mattered than the GamePad, backwards compat games, backwards compat controllers,first party Nintendo exclusives, miiverse, free online would matter much more for a console like the WiiU which is struggling BADLY.

n4rc2192d ago

Losing what? The imaginary war that some fans are waging?

Both sales are independent of each other.. If ms makes 10m.. It doesn't matter if Sony makes 20m or 1m.. Ms still made the same..

Success for either is a set number.. It doesn't change depending on what the other does..

There's no trophy for being in the lead.. If both were underperforming and ms only sold 1m units.. Would they be happy as long as sony sold less? Hell no..

If Sony beats ms but doesn't reach their targets, Sony won't be happy either

bobacdigital2192d ago

When I said LOSING it meant losing money ... MSFT is a publicly held company.. When the X1 is under performing according to their estimates and forecasts it is bad for the company.

MSFT is driven by growing LIVE and selling hardware and software... Right now all 3 are growing slower than expected and projected... Sony on the other hand according to their recent reports have reported record gains in their gaming division...

This is going to be a problem that follows the X1 around for its lifespan. You cant patch hardware limitations.

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mmj2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

"We live in a world full of fixed pixel 1080p displays so as a player I hope these current generation consoles were designed with that in mind"

The Xbox One isn't designed for 1080P, that's why it's getting so much flak for being more expensive.

A Microsoft developer has effectively admitted the Xbox's retreat from the console graphics war.

"We purposefully did not target the highest-end graphics,” GM of silicon development Greg Williams told Engadget, as spotted by CVG. “We targeted more as a broad entertainment play and did it in an intelligent way."

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