Murdered: Soul Suspect will be “More Cerebral,” “Not an Action Game” says Developer

Make no mistake, Murdered: Soul Suspect is a crime-horror game which will characterized by gameplay and a story that is much deeper than your average shooter – or so the developer says.

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Ced2142185d ago

Awesome. I always want a game that's a "breather" from all the action games.
I play GOW, COD etc and then before i sleep, i played alot of Ace Attorney and Layton. More support to games like these.

TheRealTedCruz2185d ago

Good. I like story-driven, spectacle mind-F****, personally. I have more than enough action games in my collection. Not nearly enough interesting experiences as this looks to be.

Iltapalanyymi2185d ago

LOVE IT. Cannot wait to play this out! Really like the tone of the gaem too :3

Geekman2185d ago

"Not an Action Game?" Hm. (Must.... not.... make.... sarcastic.... joke.)

jegheist20142185d ago

its la noire all over again if it has vibe of this it gonna be epic

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