Pixelitis Picks: Most satisfying stealth moments in games

"Many games involve bum-rushing a horde of enemies head-on and cutting them down as quickly as possible, but that’s not always exciting.

By contrast, the stealth sub-genre is a strange reversal because oftentimes, you don’t want to encounter your enemy at all, lest you risk untimely death. Games like Metal Gear Solid and the new Thief are all about sticking to the shadows, timing your movements and observing enemy patterns as you sneak your way past their line of sight.

With the new Thief now out of the shadows, Pixelitis gets all incognito and explores the best stealth gaming moments of all time.

Lurk in the shadows, my friends. And be sure to post your own favorite moments in the comments section on the article's page." - Pixelitis Staff

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xBigxBossx2179d ago

I second that on holding up the end. Tranqing him was even better.